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Inspired?  Contact me and I will help you get started. I will also be your Team Leader and I will make sure you have the support you need to Make Your Dreams Reality.

Purium $50 Gift Card

*If you haven't tried the products yet, do this as a first step.  You must Love The Products first.

I am happy to share a $50 Gift Card with You to try a 10-Day Transformation Program.  

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NOTE:  If a friend sent you to this site who is involved in this business, go directly to them for support so they get credit for you and can support you in the best way possible.  We are like family here!  

You May Be Wondering...

How Did I Get Involved with this Company? 

No doubt you may have spent lots of money on "the latest and greatest" supplements to be let down by it not working and piling with the others in your cabinet... Right?

When I discovered Purium I was my typical, skeptical self and I was not looking for "another supplement company"...

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 What I do with my patients works.  My patients get great results.  I use the best-of-the best supplements and products with my patients, and felt I had all my bases covered.  

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Only because I highly respected the people who brought this company to my attention, I decided to check out Purium and its owner, Mr. David Sandovol.  Their impeccable 20+ year record as leaders in the raw, whole food supplement industry got my attention.

I ordered, inspected, and used their products, focusing on the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse and its "Outrageous Claims".

Then I put it through my own specific scientific testing because 

I did not believe it was going to burn fat, build muscle and have lasting effects as they said.

Well, I was wrong.

It turned out the "hype" was accurate

The Results are Amazing and the products are the highest quality on the market.  No synthetics, fillers, or sweeteners and completely non-GMO!

The best part is that my "Hard Case" patients began Losing Weight like nothing else. Thank Goodness!

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You can no doubt testify from your own experience, Purium  ROCKS! They are far superior  because they are kept AS NATURE INTENDED, meaning you get all of the nutrients in perfect blends to maximize absorption and results.

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I was very impressed. 

Would you like to see my 10-Day Transformation Videos?

Each day I recorded a short video so that others could witness my transformation.

I still use the products as it has become my lifestyle and and enjoying lasting success and feel fabulous in my body.  

I also share these products with as many people as I know since people are having great success when nothing else worked.

Now is the Time To Pay It Forward...

Work From Home and Get Paid!

Have people been commenting on your progress? Has anyone asked what you are doing, since you are looking different and feeling great in just 10-Days?  

Maybe you have been thinking about helping your loved ones get healthy or would like to help your friends lose a little weight for a special date...  

Now it the Time to Tell them Your Little Secret!


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Ok Ladies, that's it for Day 8 of your Transformation and Learning How to Work From Home. Tonight or first thing tomorrow, review the Day 9 information and as always, if you have any questions reach out to us directly or get hold of Purium's Naturopath Dr. Mike to help you with any specific issues or concerns you may be having during your process.

Day 7 Transformation Guidelines

Day 9 Transformation Guidelines

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