Weight Loss Smoothies!

If you are looking for weight loss smoothies that help you shed those pounds fast, you have come to the right place.  The following information has been developed and/or approved by Dr. Brandy, your Weight Loss Coach and Livin'-the-Juicy-Life, Optimum Wellness Expert.

 I understand the way foods affect your body and... the importance of food tasting good!  

A Yummy Smoothie isn't

Necessarily going to help you shed fat.

There are lots of ways to make yummy tasting smoothies,    ...but could they be making you fatter?

I remember the day when I was trying so hard to lose weight, drinking smoothies everyday, thinking I was doing something good for myself.  What actually happened is I found myself getting fatter.  

pink smoothies

what I didn't understand is that although I was getting more fruits and veggies, I was also getting a lot of other things (like Fat-Free Hershey's Syrup... fat-free is good, right?) that were causing my thighs to get thick.  

I also found out that a high level of toxins combined with a lack of specific nutrients was causing me to hold on to more than I was losing.  SO Frustrating!

*Take the Toxicity Questionnaire to see if you may have toxicity issues.

There is a way to create delicious weight loss smoothies that Detoxify Your Body, and give you the micro-nutrients for which your body is literally starving.  (Starvation = Fat Storage)

Weight Loss Smoothie Basics:

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1.  Always Get Your Greens

2.  Get Powerful Nutrition with Super Foods 

3.  Keep It Real... Nothing artificial... 

4.  Pre-Make Your Base (add video)

5.  Get Your Protein

6. Have a Great recipe!

1. Why Green?

Green Smoothies are the rage, yet there are many people who steer far away from adding anything green to their diet, much less their yummy smoothie.  So why all the fuss? Of course, you know the answer... They Are Good For You!!

But that may not be enough to get you to start adding them to your delicious drink, and I understand completely.  You are talking to the girl who didn't eat ANY vegetables (except green beans from a can) until I was in my 20's.

If you are looking to enhance your Immune System and Increase Detoxification, Get More Greens.  Greens can come in the form of a Super Food Powder, like More Greens, or, you can simply add greens you grow or buy at the grocery store.  I recommend both.  If you are putting a high-quality, Super Food Green Powder in your smoothies then you will be absorbing "pre-digested" nutrients and detoxifying your body like nobody's business.  You can't get this kind of potency from spinach alone.  

green smoothie

Adding fresh, whole greens is great, just be sure to rotate your greens each week or so.  Every different type of green has a different array of nutrients, which your body needs.  Too much of one thing could cause an imbalance, so be sure to explore collard greens, kale, and even chard.

 Wondering if your greens need to be organic for the perfect weight loss smoothie?

Click here to find out The Truth About Organics and GMOs.

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So, Consider This An Invitation; and invitation to try something new without pre-judging it.  Truly give it a chance and add just the tiniest amount to your weight loss smoothie.  What I found is that it actually doesn't change the taste really.  It does change the color, which may be unappealing, but if you can think of it as doing something good for yourself you may find the color begin to take on a whole new meaning in your life.  

I mean... what if "Green Is The New Sexy?"

2.  Get Powerful Nutrition with Super Foods

A great weight loss smoothie is created when you add high-quality, nutrient-dense, whole foods that are geared towards burning fat, releasing toxins, giving you energy, and stabilizing cravings and blood sugar.  Your typical fruit and veggie smoothie isn't likely going to give you these effects in the most potent way unless you add super foods to your weight loss smoothie.

I am in this business because I understand the frustration you may have around supplements and health care products.  Practically everyone I have met has tried some type of health product, be it protein powder, vitamins, or smoothie additives and everyone of them has wondered if they were getting what they needed or if they just wasted their money.  

There is a plethora of products our there touting their product is best, but the three primary questions that beg to be answered are:

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1.  Do I REALLY Need These Extra Products?

2.  Which Products Are Right For Me and Why?

3.  What Brands Are Best?

Let me answer these questions for you...

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I know that there are products out there that are being made in bathtubs and are only toxic to your body.  

I also know that there are incredible products out there that are clean, healthy, and work very well.  

Let me take a moment to break it down for you right here, right now.  There is no reason to go on any longer being overwhelmed by information.  

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Do I REALLY Need These Extra Products?

It is very likely that your body needs more nutrients than you get through your diet, and I do not care how many greens you eat each day.  

A typical cup of spinach that you may have eaten in 1954 had the same amount of iron as 65 cups today!

This goes across the board for all foods grown today, as the soil your food is grown in is depleted of nutrients and you cannot get nutrient-dense foods like you used to. That is, unless you are bio-dynamically farming your own or have a good neighbor that shares with you, which is a wonderful blessing!

Which Products Are Right For Me and Why?

The first thing you want to consider is that the product you are buying is whole-food and coming from an ethical source.  I actually take the time to visit the factories and meet the people behind the businesses of the products that I recommend, so that I can really know that the products I offer my patients are coming from clean sources.  

The second thing to consider is what health concerns do you have, or what goals are you trying to reach.  

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If you have a specific heath challenge, of course, speak to your health care provider and make sure that you are in good health.  Beyond that, adding in the appropriate nutrients is important to rebalance your system.  

I truly believe that most all health concerns are a result of toxicity wreaking havoc on your body, and/or nutrient deficiencies causing your to have symptoms of which no doctor can find the root.  

If you want to get deeper information about what is going on in each of your organ systems, take the Systems Survey ~ a questionnaire that reveals which organs and glands may need support.

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have all of your blood tests come back "normal", but you still feel fatigued, have pain in your body, on an emotional roller coaster, and feel like there is something more going on? 

This May Be Why...

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3.  Keep It Real... Nothing artificial.

The truth is that health is bred from eating clean, whole foods.  The best way to lose weight is to clean out your body of processed, packaged foods.  These foods are laden with chemicals... it is really true.  It seems like our government wouldn't let companies put chemicals into our food, but they do.  We MUST take responsibility for our choices and our health.  It starts with you.  

4.  Pre-Make Your Smoothie Base 

Weight Loss Smoothie bases are where the fun begins!  Many people use fruit juice as their base, yet they don't realize they are loading up their drink-of-health with a whole lot of sugar.  Of course it is "natural sugar", but it is sugar none the less, and it effects your blood sugar all the same, which can induce cravings.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to weight loss smoothie bases, but my favorite thing to do is create a veggie base so that I have it ready to go when I need it.  


I make it during my Sunday Afternoon Prep Fest.  This is when I prepare most all of my foods for the week:  weight loss smoothie base, baked several chicken breasts, a few sweet potatoes, and/or make a soup.  Preparing it all on one day allows me to relax a bit throughout the week, and it gives me my necessary Grab-and-Go foods, otherwise I may grab something that is not so healthy.

Almond Milk:

I have come to love the taste of almond milk, and since they make an unsweetened variety, Life Is Good!  But I have to say, Fresh Is BEST!  It does take a little more time, but if you're already in the kitchen, I say go for it.  I have a wonderful and easy recipe for Homemade Almond Milk.  Enjoy!

almond milk

Coconut Milk:

Coconut Milk can be made fresh (again, my favorite) or bought in a store.  Yes, fresh is always best, however, unless you know how to easily open a fresh young coconut, then you may have a little bit of a challenge.

young coconut

Here is a great video by Elaina Love, a professional raw food chef, if you'd like to see

How To Open A Fresh Young Coconut

My recommendation is to use this Fresh Coconut Milk Recipe when you have a little time, and also keep a few cans and boxes of store-bought coconut milk in the pantry for those short-notice days.  Canned Coconut Milk is best used in dessert recipes, like Coconut Ice Cream, because it has quite a bit more fat content so it is good for creamy things.  Yes, I am sure you'd like a creamy weight loss smoothie, but if weight loss is what your after, go with boxed unsweetened coconut milk for your smoothies.

5.  Get Your Protein

Everybody needs protein, that is a fact.  Protein is the major building block of muscle, and muscle helps your body burn fat.  There are many different types of protein from which to choose.  

Obviously, you get protein from meat (if you are a meat-eater), but in fact, many, many people that come to my office are lacking the digestive enzymes to break down these kinds of proteins.  This happens when a person has eaten a toxic diet, like lots of genetically modified foods, taken antibiotics, or even had a large amount of stress.  


Many times ladies tell me they "lost their taste for meat", and that is a classic example of someone who's body isn't producing enough protein-digesting enzymes and acids.  This can improve if the right nutrients are put back into the body to support the cells that make the enzymes and acids.  

*To find out if your digestive system is functioning properly, take the Digestive Questionnaire. 

Even if you are not breaking down protein from meat sources, you can still absorb protein as long as it is in a "pre-digested state". That means, blended into a weight loss smoothie so that the proteins are small enough to be digested easily.

When it comes to Types of Protein Powders, you have a lot of options, but you want to make sure that you are getting a complete protein, like in L.O.V.E.  It has so many good-for-you ingredients that have protein in them that it makes a complete protein profile.  Hemp, rice, and pea protein all are incomplete protein profiles when eaten on their own.

L.O.V.E. meal replacement - click to buy

Soy protein tends to be popular, however, it is estrogenic in nature.  That means it mimics estrogen in your body, so your body can get confused and think it has more estrogen in it, which is a fat-storing hormone.  Soy is also a Genetically Modified food, which wreaks havoc on your digestive system and can cause allergies.  Say no to Soy.  

6.  Have A Great Recipe!

Ready for some Yummy Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes?

Click here to find Fat-Burnin', Great-Tastin', Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes!

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