Weight Loss Food Plan  &  Programs 

A weight loss food plan must incorporate 3 keys to be successful and lead you to REAL, LASTING CHANGES so that you can Live a More Vibrant, Healthy, and Joyful Life!

Looking for an online program that has all these components

AND that you can do on your own? 

You have come to the right place!

Here are 3 different programs from which you can choose,

and they all can be done at your leisure!

Pretty Sexy... 

7-Day Detox

Super-Licious You!



Weight Loss Food Plan & Programs Descriptions:

  • Pretty Sexy... 7-Day Detox:  This is for you if you want to Kick-Start Your Health Machine! Quick, easy, and you need nothing more than a blender, an open heart and  committed mind.
  • 10-Day Transformation Program:  Get ready to take your health to a Whole Notha' Level! Re-set Your Metabolism, Increase Your Energy, and set the stage for Life-Long Well-Being.
  • Super-Licious You! 30-Day Revolution:  This is where you Over-Throw Your Old Habits, Patterns and Beliefs about who you are and how you show up in the world.  This is where your diet changes, As Well As Your Mind.  This is where you Take Your Life By The Reigns and Choose the Direction of Your Dreams!  

Personally-Tailored Programs:

If you desire to have any of these programs personally tailored to your specific health needs, email me to schedule a consultation.