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Wonder why you can’t lose weight?

...It May Be Your Water!

Water Help To Lose Weight is your source for the truth about how your water may be stopping you from losing weight. 

Many people think drinking water to lose weight is a good idea, but what they don't know is that a number of chemicals have been found in water that are actually doing more harm than good.   

Water Help to Lose Weight addresses these chemicals that are reacking havoc on your hormones, health and may be making you fat.  They are found in your tap water, your shower water, and even your bottled water!

We all know water is essential for good health.  As a mater of fact, we can't live very long without water.  It is the only liquid that our survival depends on.  Water and Weight Loss go hand-in-hand; water helps you digest food, expel wastes and detoxify, and even helps your nervous system work efficiently.  Water Help to Lose Weight is where you can find the answers to your toxicity dilemma.

Yet, most people don't know that the dangerous chemicals in water and environment alter the perfect function of your body.  Water Help To Lose Weight addresses exactly how to avoid these toxic chemicals and live a healthy, vibrant life.

Many of these chemicals are so harmful that the body works really hard to get them out of circulation, so it stores them in the toxic waste sites in your body, called Fat Cells.  Yep, your fat cells are essentailly a toxic dump for the junk your body can't process.  And since these toxins are so harmful, your body does not want to release them back into circulation, hence, you stay fat no matter how hard you try.

3-Steps to Remove Toxins and Eliminate Your Fat For Good:

1.  Stop Putting Toxins In Your Body:

 comes from a number of different sources; they are found in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the new carpet you laid, the gas you filled up with, the exhaust from the cars on the highway, the new car you bought, the tires you just put on, the chemicals you clean with, the products you put on your skin in hopes of look fabulous, but in reality it is making you fat, sick and tired.  So, drinking water for weight loss may be a good idea, but only if you are drinking the right kind of water.  

The best way to prevent water contamination is to purchase a water filter system.  When it comes to choosing a water filter system, there are a variety of choices.  You can buy a whole house water filter, under sink water filter, shower water filter, and a counter top water filter system.  

2.  Repair and Enhance the Function of Your Organs for Elimination:

It is quite likely that if you are overweight, you have impaired elimination.  It may not seem like it, as I have many patients that tell me they have no trouble eliminating, as they have frequent bouts of what seems like Montezuma's Revenge.  I am here to tell you that having "the runs" is clearly a reaction to something that your body can't handle, and it DOES NOT mean that you are eliminating all the toxins from your body.  

If you do not repair the correct organs and glands prior to detoxifying your body, you could cause yourself more harm than good.  Imagine trying to get your body to release toxins from your fat storage sites while having a sluggish liver, colon or kidneys.  You may have a little water weight loss, but the toxins that get released from the cells may not have a way to get out of your body.  This can lead to headaches, body and joint pain, nausea, fatigue, and even autoimmune diseases become a possibility.  DON'T GO THROUGH THIS ALONE!

 Water Help To Lose Weight is the first step.  the next step is to take the Toxicity Quiz <LINK> to find out your level of toxicity, and fill out the Symptom Survey to determine which organs are affected.  Once this has been determined, then you can begin addressing the true cause of your excess weight.  

3.  Cleanse Your Body with a Clinical Purification:

A Clinical Purification is an incredible way to begin moving the toxins out of your body and support the healthy regeneration of new cells.  It is a Doctor-Led Program which ensures you will have a professional help you and support you throughout the entire process.  Many people try to do cleanses on their own, but do not realize that it could be causing their body harm if it is not done correctly.  

Water Help To Lose Weight is a great resource for reducing the toxic load on your body.  Adding a Clinical Purifcation is your next best step.  Once you have completed a Clinical Purification you will see water weight loss is easy, as is lasting fat loss.  Drinking water to lose weight is certainly a part of the puzzle, but having a doctor or coach walk you through each step will allow you to get all the right pieces and put them back in place.

Live Vibrantly!

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