Dr. Brandy's 6-Week Transformation Intensive!

Bring On Your Magic! 

You know you have it in you...

Why aren't you using it?

Do you feel stuck, yet know you have the power to change, manifest, and create?

Are ready to break free of these chains and live your truth as a powerful woman who actually feels good in her body?

Then this program is for you!

Dr. Brandy's 6-Week Transformation Intensive

Begins Monday, December 5th, 2016

*Register by November 12th to get $100 off!

What Is This Program All About?

If you have made it to this page, you have likely been on a transformational journey for a little while now.  

And, I suspect that you are yearning for a little sprinkle of fairy dust to bring to life the principles and practices that you have been learning.

Am I right?

Then get registered today.

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This 6-Week Transformation Intensive will become the container for your Greatness to Awaken.

With a sacred tribe of women you will learn to Let Go of Self-Sabotage, Improve the Way You Feel About Your Body and  Learn to Love It through Sensual Exercise and Energetic Clearing.  

It is a place where you will discover how to Own Yourself, Your Space, and Know It is Your Right to Shine Bright!

What Is Involved?

Connecting into a sacred container of women

who are holding space for your transformation as you hold space for theirs.

Each week we will have Group Video Conferences guided by me:

Each 1-hour group coaching call will focus on:

  • Guided Meditations to Expand Your Consciousness
  • Weekly Exercises to Awaken Your Feminine Power
  • Chakra Clearing Exercises to Enhance Your Intuition
  • Techniques to Break Through Self-Sabotage & Body Image Negativity
  • Understand How to Stop the Yo-Yo Syndrome!
  • Tools to Tap Your Magic ~ Unleash Your Truth as a Powerful Woman!
  • Strategies to Let Go of Overwhelm and Have More Freedom In Your Life

You Will Also Receive:

  • Accountability Partner to Support Your Growth
  • 1 Nutrition Analysis Graph of Your Organ Systems
  • Personalized Nutritional Protocol to Support Your Body with The Best
  • Guidance by a Doctor Who Has Your Back
  • Access to Our Private Women's Face Book Group
  • 10% off One-on-One Coaching Services 

What's The Cost?

Dr. Brandy's 6-Week Transformation Intensive is Only:


*If you register by November 13th you get $100 off!


For every friend you bring you receive 25% off your reservation fee!  

That Means Bring 4 Friends and You Get In FREE!

Let's Journey Together to Explore and Write the Book of Your Best Life Ever! 

You deserve it...

And You Know It.

Register today!