I wanted to let you know that I feel AMAZING!

Since I got on the Women's Defense, Bee Energetic, and Super Life formula as well as the White American Ginseng Extract, holy cow, my ENERGY is amazing!

Normally after I work a shift over 6 hours I am sleeping the whole next day and over this past week that has not been the case. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you very much for your suggestions and knowledge in helping me get over this hump that I could not get over.

Plus I wasn't eating everything in site just before my period came like I normally want to do.


~ Kimberly Stryker, Omaha, NB

I'm 69 Years Old and Feel Better than at 39!

My Nutritional Analysis Graph Shows It!  I had horrific, Ulcerative Pain in my gut from Celiac Disease for over 30 years, and now I can say I am pain free.  I had trouble handling sugar and the cravings were awful. I could' go to the grocery store without grabbing a candy bar.  Now I practice yoga several days a week, feel fabulous, and my cravings are under control. ~ C.O. 

I highly recommend Dr. Brandy mcCans to anyone interested in making a difference in their life.  When I first visited Dr. Brandy I was dealing with a wide variety of health issues that had not been improved by traditional medical appoaches.  Dr. Brandy has worked diligently to help me clear the energy blockages that were contributing to my health problems.  She has been kind and compassionate in her approach to helping not only me, but other members of my family as well.  The work we have done together has assisted me in looking at and removing negative beliefs, patterns and thought processes that interfere with my overall health and happiness.  The treatments have been very beneficial and leave me feeling much more centered than I had been before each session.  

If you are interested in giving your self a well deserved gift, sign up to work with Dr. Brandy…

You will be very glad you did!

Thanks Dr. Brandy for everything!

Sharon kahn, M.A.

 I just finished a 10-Day Transformation Cleanse and lost 8.5 lbs ~ Feeling So Much Better!

I plan to continue the program as I have some long term goals that I want to meet and I think that will be a good way to achieve them without starving and depriving myself! :-)

Another interesting thing came up this week:

I had some blood work done through the same lab that I had used 2 years ago a few months before I started on Purium.  In fact, the numbers from that May 2013 test is what spurred me to call you and get something new to turn around my health.

At that time my total cholesterol had jumped up to 345 (usually ran around 240- 250).  LDL was 251,

Trigylcerides were 178 -- all way too high.   HDL was the only good thing at 58.

This week my total chol was 194,  LDL 113, Triglycerides 120 and HDL 57---

all in the desirable or optimal range.

My blood pressure was 127/79 and I'm 25 lbs. lighter.  

To say the least I am thrilled to see such significant changes!  

Kristen McCormick, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Brandy has helped me totally change my body, my life and ME. My intentions were to cleanse my body of toxins so I could move beyond chronic sinus congestion and positional dizziness. Although I learned a new way of eating, I was not focused on losing weight. I have learned so much from her about what foods are right for my body.  She has been totally supportive with my continuous questions and has helped me through my struggle with this completely new experience. 

Dr. Brandy is very intuitive and guided me with what I needed next. AND... as a total surprise bonus, I LOST 25 POUNDS! I feel so amazing, and so light and alive in my body. I have also been receiving B.E.S.T. treatments from Dr. Brandy for about a year and a half. One tremendous result that has happened is the very red, sun-damaged skin on my chest that occurred about six years ago is now gone without any other treatments or changes. I know this healing was due to the B.E.S.T. treatments. This has truly been a life-changing experience, and I am so grateful and appreciate of everything she has done for me!

~Kathy Stewart, Massage Therapist, Santa Rosa, CA

I have been working with Dr. Brandy McCans for about 3 months and have already begun experiencing what I would call true transformation.  I had felt stuck in many ways, and have already created a more desirable life structure.  I am also experiencing more harmony in my life and much better sleep.  I began working with her because I knew something had to change.  I wasn’t sure how or what, so Dr. Brandy helped me discover and identify the blocks.  Our work together helped remove the blocks and gave me clarity as to what I truly desire to create in my life.  Although I am still evolving, each session reduces the chaos in my mind and life which allows me to have a much clearer picture as to what steps to take next.  I am extremely happy with the results I have received from working with Dr. Brandy, and it is far more than I ever expected in such a short amount of time.  Thank you so much Dr. Brandy!

David Comfort

When I began seeing Dr. Brandy McCans I was a true mess.  Not because I had neglected my health, quite the contrary.  Not because I didn’t understand about nutrition, as I hd spent years studying it.  And not because I was unaware of myself.  I had spent years in therapy and knew myself inside and out.  I was a mess because despite my hard work, emotional, mental and physical blocks still remained in my body that I could not bypass, and they were limiting my ability to life a peaceful and andante life.

my struggles began 20 years ago and culminated into bi-Polar Manci Depression, fatique, hormonal imbalances, low blood sugar, eating disorders, and many other ailments.  Although I had been extremely successful in dramatically improving my health through diet, proper exercise, mediation, yoga, homeopathy, therapy, supplements, and life-style changes, I could not reach optimal health.  The methods I had been using were effective, but the blocks inhibited their impact and allowed for my problems to rebound. 

 in addition, forcing myself to juggle all of this was exhausting!  My life focus became trying to stay healthy, which left little room for other things and consequently, other areas of my life suffered.  I wasn’t happy and wasn’t living the life I desired.

Upon seeing Dr. Brandy, right away things began to improve.  I was amazed at the immediate positive results!  through Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) Dr. Brandy removed age-old, subconscious blocks that had been inhibiting me all along.  My mood and outlook immediately became more positive, monthly migraines disappeared, and my hormones balanced out.  In addition, many issues I thought I had resolved in therapy were leafed beyond what I had imagined possible, bringing more peace and optimism into my life.  As my sessions continued, weight loss, more energy, and stronger adrenals ensued.  Even more, I gained clarity and courage that allowed me to make healthy and necessary life changes for even bigger shifts.   My life is amazing now!  I am enjoying my new-found center and self-esteem.  I am able to make choices that improve my life and bring more peace and goodness into what I do.  My career is now my life’s passion, and my relationships are turning around for the better.  through all of this, Dr. Brandy’s knowledge of the body coupled with her shamanistic practice made my sessions safe, grounded, and wisdom-driven.  

I look forward to the continued healing and increased quality of life I will experience as I continue my work with Dr. Brandy.  I encourage anyone who wishes for a healthier, more peaceful and abundant life to do what I did, and call Dr. Brandy!

Itan Mushik, Artist

Thank you so much for being so available to answer all my questions, etc...   Food and exercise have not been high on the list since 10 years ago when I recovered from an (20-yr) eating disorder as well as exercise addiction. Over the past 2 years, as I've raised my vibration, meditating, etc. and am also trusting my knowing/process/timing, it follows that food/exercise will rise in priority for me. Over the time of working with you, I did 2  21-Day Puiufcation Programs, and recently completed the 10-Day Transformation Program.  

There's been a gradual shift since the first one, and each time I'm desiring more health, and having changes that will last. 

With this 10-Day Transformation Program, overall, yes, the body changes were significant, Really! I lost inches and pounds and feel much leaner!.  Once the bowels kicked in better, I was able to feel much lighter in my body. Thank you for helping me with that!  

The cravings didn't subside much, but as I realize now, the cravings for carbs (particularly pancakes which I never ate much normally - weird) were in MY MIND.  When I started eating, I noticed my BODY didn't want pancakes!  Wow, that's cool eh?

The pluses as I see them are the CHOICES I'm now making with regard to food!

 Some of the changes I'm making in my eating life that are 'significant' for me are:

  • I buy 'organics' now! (most if not all)! costs a bit more but it's the shift I'm committed to at this timeI
  • like eating veg of all colors now, and brocolli is now a favorite (with hummus)
  • still mindful of getting enough protein which is why budgeting for the amino acids is important
  • I'm eating whole foods, minimal processed 
  • Good choices when eating out
  • No caffeine still and only almond milk (no dairy)
  • Buy vegan/organic/gluten free when possible
  • Drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day - was a poor water drinker before
  • Remembering to have fun too!

I'm sure there are other things but these come to mind. THANKS again You are awesome and I know who to go to as I move forward with my health.

Sincerely, Gabriel

I wanted to thank you Dr. Brandy for your love and support. You have been such an important part of my journey this year.  The changes that I have personally made have been incredible and I give all the credit to our relationship.  You have helped me turn on a switch within and freed me from my destructive self-talk.  I am finding the courage in every situation to be truthful and seeing that my viewpoint is worthy.  I really love each moment of everyday.  I just can’t wait to see what unfolds next year.  Thank you for helping me find my inner strength, courage, and most of all, love!

With my deepest gratitude and light!

Jeanna Ruppel, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Brandy's training enabled me to reach inside and bring out my potential. She took me past emotional blocks, attitudes and beliefs about myself that I have been working on for years. She enabled me to restructure the way I look at life. I feel now that success, physically, spiritually and emotionally is in my hands.

Thank you so much Dr. Brandy!

Julie Rodgers, Sonoma, CA

My name is Joe Franklin and I stand 5' 10" tall. I weighed 185 pounds on October 6th, when I began working with Dr. Brandy McCans. Today, October 31st, I weigh 174 pounds! I have been enjoying my diet and it has been so easy. I've lost 11 pounds in the last 25 days!! -- November 18th, UPDATE: Most people when they lose weight have a tendency to put the weight back on when they quit dieting; I'm happy to say I have kept it off! Since October 31st I still weigh 174 pounds!"

 Thank You Dr. Brandy!

I have energy again!
This week I organized the garage, moved the furniture in the living room so it feels more open.
I also rearranged things in closets and shelves!

My current training class is emotionally tiring, so to have this energy is amazing.

Today we had a speaker who said to me:

"You are a great resource and I would like to work with you."

It felt great to have what I know valued.

Thanks for the help moving forward!

Rosemary Taylor, Santa Rosa, CA