~ Protein Powder Power ~

Are you curious Which One Is Right For You?  In a world of so many options, it can easily become frustrating unless you have the right guidance.  So Let Me Empower You!

Is it true that you need protein in your diet, regardless if you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just simply live in your body on this planet.  Even vegans need protein.  The 2 questions that beg to be answered is:

1.  What Kind of Protein Is Best For Me?

2.  How Much Protein Should I Eat Each Day?

If you are looking for weight loss smoothies that help you shed those pounds fast, you have come to the right place.  The following information has been developed and/or approved by Dr. Brandy, your Weight Loss Coach and Wellness Expert.  Dr. Brandy understands the way specific foods affect your body and... the importance of food tasting good!  

I remember the day when I was trying so hard to lose weight, and since I was drinking smoothies everyday I thought it was a no-brainer.  What actually happened is I found myself getting fatter.  

what I didn't understand is that although I was getting more fruits and veggies, I was also getting a lot of other things (like Fat-Free Hershey's Syrup... fat-free is good, right?) that were causing my thighs to get thick.  I also found out that there were specific nutrients I was not getting on a regular basis that help the body flush toxins.  So I was holding on to more than I was losing.

There are a few specific keys to Weight Loss Smoothies that you should know.

I haven't met one person who has tried to make a weight loss smoothie who has not tried at least one protein powder.  

And 100% of them have wondered if they were getting the right one.  Whew! 

1.  Do I REALLY Need These Extra Products?

2.  If I do, Which Products Are Right For Me and Why?

3.  What Brands Are Best?

These are all questions that I want to answer for you.  

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I know that there are products out there that are being made in bathtubs and are only toxic to your body.  

I also know that there are incredible products out there that are clean, healthy, and work very well.  

Every body is different, and how you process one thing may be totally different for someone else, however, it is pretty clear that we all need protein in some form, and most of us are lacking disease-preventing nutrients in our diet.  This is leading to the worst state of health the people of our country has ever experienced.  

Let me take a moment to break it down for you right here, right now.  There is no reason to go on any longer being overwhelmed by information.  

It is very likely that your body needs more nutrients than you get through your diet, and I do not care how many greens you eat each day.  The soil your food is grown in is depleted of nutrients and you cannot get nutrient-dense foods like you used to. That is, unless you are bio-dynamically farming your own or have a good neighbor that shares with you, which is a wonderful blessing!

The following is a list of the most popular Protein Powders and Super Foods that people are using today. They are not all appropriate for your weight loss smoothie, so take a few minutes to learn about each one so you can get the right thing to facilitate your weight loss.  To learn more about each product click on the link below.  I have also included a list of organ systems that you may be interested in supporting nutritionally.  The following links will help you determine an appropriate route to begin losing unwanted weight and feel great!

Popular Protein Powders:






Elite Green Protein