Juice Cleansing, But Better!

~ 10-Day Transformation Women's Group Program ~

THEME: The Fullness of Life... 

Are you Ready to Feel FABULOUS this New Year?

Would you Like to Drop a Few Pounds, Rev Your Metabolism, and Jump Start 2017 the Most Healthy Way Possible?

Join Us On A 10-Day Transformation Program!

This Virtual Group Cleanse Connects you into a group of powerful women who are there to support you all the way through your 10-Days.  

You Can Do ANYTHING for 10-Days... 

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Start Date: Monday, January 23rd, 2017

*Register by January 13th to get your kit in time!

(Just email or call and I will get you registered)

What Is A 10-Day Transformation? (Hint: Not Juice Cleansing...)

A 10-Day Transformation Program is way more than juice cleansing.  It is an Interactive Workshop and a 10-Day Holiday from processed foods and an opportunity to FEED YOUR BODY Nutrient-Dense, Organic, non-GMO Superfoods so you can become healthier and lose excess weight.  Yep, that's right ~ You Get To Eat!

Most people lose between 5-20 Pounds, Eliminate Cravings, Break Addictions to Food, Reset Their Metabolism, and Have More Energy ~ All In 10 Days!

I am actually on Day 5 of mine and have lost 8 pounds so far.  Better than that, my cravings were gone on Day 1!

Check out this 3 minute video!

What Is Involved:

Daily Group Video Conferences Guided by Co-Hosts   Dr. Brandy McCans, Molly Smith and Lisa Herndon.

Each 1-hour Interactive Workshop Call will focus on:

  • How to Cleanse in the Most Healthy Way During the Winter Season 
  • Learn Specific Body Movement Exercises & Guided Meditations for Metabolic Reset
  • Each day's specific focus leads you step-by-step into a fuller, more vibrant life
  • Receive Daily Rituals to explore as you step into greater fullness in your life
  • Experience Sensual Empowerment Exercises (Sensuality relates to your senses, not necessarily sex... : ))
  • Have a FREE Personal Coaching Call with Dr. Brandy McCans, Lisa Herndon or Molly Long!  
  • Get All of Your Questions Answered By A Group of Knowledgable Women who understand the challenges of cleansing and what it takes to Live YOUR Best Life
  • Have Access to our community Face Book Page for Deeper Support
  • Enjoy A Community of People Creating Greater Health In Their Lives!
  • Learn how to Take Your Progress into Your Lifestyle so that You Never Have To Yo-Yo Again!

You will also receive a 10-Day Transformation Kit that

includes all of your Super Foods and basically replaces your groceries.

Since you won't be buying Starbuck's, wine and other processed foods, this is not a financial decision, but a decision of whether or not you are really ready for true change.

Are You Ready?

What's The Cost?

For your kit and this 10-Day Intensive:


(the price of the kit is subject to change)

Most people spend about $25/day on wine, food, coffee and the sorts....

Why not Spend That Money On Your Health and Have Some Fun With Us!

Call or email to get registered!

*If you already have you 10-Day Kit your cost is $99!

Molly Smith:  At a young age, Molly felt that she was called to be a part of an integrated and holistic health system. She soon realized that the best way to improve the world was by sharing space within communities and the individual lives of people. She started her exploration of health and healing at a young age, aspiring to be a midwife. She obtained double degree at CU Boulder in Global Health and Development & Spanish and started studying midwifery at Bastyr University. 

 Her passion for alternative medicine and community outreach has taken her to the far corners of the world. Yoga is a treasured complement to her herbal studies, childbirth education and community outreach. She has completed a 200 hour YTT as well as 85 hours of prenatal yoga training. Molly believes that each person is capable of healing from within by re-integrating relationships with the self and others.

To learn more visit: http://auracommunityhealth.com

Lisa Herndon is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner specializing in uncovering hidden stresses and identifying root causes. Her goal is to help you return to vibrant health by utilizing functional laboratory assessments to identify the underlying conditions that are at the root of most common health complaints. Your results will go far beyond symptom removal. Prepare for an improvement in vitality, energy, mood, and mental functioning.

To learn more visit:  https://lisascounterculture.com

Dr. Brandy McCans is a Chiropractor, Nutritional Therapist, and specializes in helping people recover from autoimmune disease naturally.

Dr. Brandy was at one time 12 sizes bigger than she is today, has overcome a serious eating disorder called Bulimia, intense Panic Attacks, and even Bi-Polar Manic Depression. The doctors told her she would be on medication for the rest of her life and she has been medication-free for over 17 years.

 She believes that everyone has the ability to heal as long as we find the key to unlock the healing potential within the body.  Dr. Brandy uses her experience of having been through the fire to help others realize their true potential and step into a life they love to live.