Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

Being sexy is not about losing weight...

It IS about Being Healthy and FEELING Sexy!

Keep It ROCKIN' with these quick, easy, and tasty recipes!

~ Stevia Extract ~

The best way to avoid unnecessary chemicals, additives and to get the most out of your stevia! 

If you are curious, read Stevia Dangers for your inspiration, and then come back!

Lemony Blueberry Bars!

Gluten Free yumminess to tantalize your sweet tooth.  

Perfect for the Continuation Program and for anyone eating a more Whole Foods Diet!

Eat Dessert First!

Paleo Tortillas!

They WRAP, They FOLD, They ROLL!

I totally can't find the website where I got this from, so Kudos to whomever created this recipe! Bless YOU! And if this your YOURS please reach out so I can link your site in!

On the 10-Day Athlete's Transformation Program or the Continuation Program?

You Can Have These Too!

Healthy Dinner Recipes

These recipes are sure to tantalize you taste buds and keep you coming back for more!  

Eggplant Pizzas

Forego the gluten, and enjoy this Paleo style Pizza

Thanksgiving Dinner

In (An Edible) Bowl!

This is that toasty, warm, comfort food that you crave on a cold day.  Tastes just like Thanksgiving, but a lot less work!

Acorn Squash Delight 

Yes, another acorn squash recipe, as it is the time of year.  And this one is 10-Day Athlete's Transformation Approved!  It is much sweeter too, so it can satisfy that sweet craving.

Candied Ginger

This Sugar-Free Candied Ginger is sure to win your heart!  Who ever heard of a healthy sugar-free anything?  Now you have my friend!  Here is to Your Sweetness! No artificial sweeteners or chemicals.