Healthy Lifestyle for Women
The Next Step to Your Greatest Health

In a healthy lifestyle for women,

we must take it upon ourselves to ensure our own health.

There was a day when the doctors told me thatI would be on medication for the rest of my life, to “just get used to it”. 

What I knew was that my problem was not a lack of medication...  

My problem was something far different than what medication was ever going to be able to correct.  Listen, if medication was the end-all, people would actually GET BETTER.  They would take meds for a short period of time and then at some point get off them because they are cured.  This is not the trend in our country. The reality is that on average, individuals 65-69 years old take nearly 14 prescriptions per year, and more as they age, and at least 92% of older adults have at least 1 chronic condition and 77% have at least two.  

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This is due to lack of self-care and the failure to consciously employ preventative-care practices by living your healthiest life possible.  

However, it is possible for people to get off their meds, as I am living proof, even when the odds were against me.  

To employ preventative-care or to reduce or resolve a problem you must create greater health from the inside out. It is a fact. 

You must get your organ systems functioning the way the were meant to so that your body can heal itself and stay balanced. 

Obviously, you should always work with your doctor if you want to begin getting off medication, as some meds need special care during this process.  And, I am sure that any loving doctor would be ecstatic to help you get healthier by assisting you in this process.

Healthy Lifestyle for Women ~ Your Next Step...

So where do you start?

Get Your Nutritional Analysis Graph Today!

As a doctor, and to ensure a healthy lifestyle for women, I believe that the Nutritional Analysis Graph is the best place to start for a healthy lifestyle for women.  I start every single patient here to begin to understand exactly what is going on in their bodies BEFORE we do any lab testing at all.

These are graphs of my actual patients...  You can see exactly which organ systems are healing and what they need to continue to work on by taking this simple test.  

Ultimately, we are working towards NO BARS ON THE GRAPH...

Patient #1:   Before...


Look at the Progress that this woman made in 3 MONTHS!  


The Systems Survey graphs your organ systems and 

tells a story about how they are functioning based on your subtle symptom Patterns. 

That means you get to see a graph of how your thyroid, adrenals, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and hormonal systems are working… 

All Without Getting Blood Tests!

Patient #2:  Before...


What Incredible Improvement in her overall health too!  

Many symptoms (if not all) begin as subtle symptom patterns and can show up way before any problems show up on a blood test which makes the Nutritional Analysis Graph a very effective way to reduce or resolve dis-ease before it takes its toll on your body and mind.  

Catching these subtle symptom patterns can give you the awareness you need to actually catch the problem and nip it in the bud BEFORE It Effects Your Life.  That is the beauty of the Nutritional Analysis Graph as I can clearly see how to create a healthy lifestyle for women.

Patient #3:  Before...


Lots of improvement in 3 months too, and you can see, we have a little more work to do. Although her Sugar Handling Issues are now under control and her cravings are gone our focus turns toward her Thyroid and Cardiovascular System.  

Are You Ready for Your Nutritional Analysis Graph?

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Creating a healthy lifestyle for women is easy breezy with the Systems Survey Graph!