Your Healthy Dieting Support Guide ~ Day 5 
10-Day Transformation Support

Healthy Dieting is the only way to Maintain the Amazing Results you are achieving with the 10-Day Transformation Program.

Woo Hoo Ladies!

You have made it to Day 5!

This is a day of celebrating the achievement of being 50% down the path of taking charge of your health and wellness for the rest of your life.  THAT IS HUGE!

Please take a moment to acknowledge

how far you have come already. 

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Very likely you have experienced significant shifts that are all the result of your dedication and discipline to experience the power of transformation.

Way To Go!

If you feel you have not gotten the results you had hoped for thus far,

contact me for a FREE Mini-Intuitive Coaching Session

You could be blocked mentally or emotionally, or maybe there is an imbalance going on in your body that we can clear out together. *Use Gift Code "FREEINTUIT"

Today's support page will focus on helping you to understand the difference between change and transformation as well as our recommendations for what to do AFTER THE CLEANSE is complete. 

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Change vs. Transformation:

Know this beyond all doubt Sistas ~ average people don't do things like improving themselves through cleansing. 

You are extraordinary!

Average women gather in flocks of weakness and bleat about their health woes, always talking about change but never actually taking action ~ or only doing so half-heartedly ~ so they are destined to never accomplish anything of lasting value. This is where YOU are different because what separates change from transformation is taking action, plain and simple.

Because you have taken action through self-discipline and are instilling new habits with healthy dieting you are truly empowered to accomplish anything you set your mind to with regard to your health and wellness, or anything else you desire in your life for that matter. This is how all powerful and successful women show up in the world ~ Transformation is for life!  

Post-Cleanse Thoughts:

You are likely thinking...

"What Do I Do After the 10-Days?"

Well, Let Me Help You!

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Great Question ~ In fact, I get many reports that the post-cleanse protocols people embrace create even more powerful transformations than are experienced during the cleanse!

Here are a couple of ideas for your consideration. You can certainly use Purium products as a staple to your nutrition (I do), and if you decide to continue on after your 10-Day Transformation, you should have enough time to receive those products before you end this cleanse if you order today.  

Avoid These Healthy Dieting Mistakes!

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Adding Foods Back In Too Fast

Just Say No!

Most people plan their 10-Day Cleanse between parties or special events, and very often they jump right back into eating "party foods" right after the cleanse.  

DO NOT DO THIS! This will totally knock you off track, and more importantly, you will not be able to tell if there are specific foods that cause you problems.

Just because you don't think a food was causing you problems before, you could be wrong.  Food sensitivities are often to recognized until you put the food back in.

The best way to reintroduce foods is to

~ Add 1 specific food in for 4 days BEFORE adding another food ~

Some food sensitivities do not show up until 3 days later, and if you have eaten 2 or 3 different foods 3 days after your cleanse you will not know where the problem lies.  

Signs of Food Sensitivities:

If you end up with any of the following after eating a particular food (or group of foods) it could mean you have food sensitivities:

  • Rapid Weight Gain
  • Irritable Bowel/Constipation
  • Acid Reflux
  • Headaches
  • Bloating/Puffiness
  • Irritability
  • Low Level Apathy (which over time could lead to depression),
  • Fatigue
  • Stuffy Nose/Congestion
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Food Sensitivity Concerns?

Take the Digestive Screening Test!

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Stop Eating at 2 hour Intervals

You MUST Feed Your Body if you Want To Lose Weight!

Not eating regularly is like telling your body "Deposit every calorie I eat (even the good ones) in my fat storage tank for later"

Some people actually do better eating every 3 hours, depending out their body type.  

To find out the best rhythm for your body read this article:

Find Out My Body Type


Stop Drinking The Shakes Each Day

This is a BIGGIE!

Running out of the Nutrient-Dense Super Foods could cause you to sabotage without even noticing.  

I hear women tell me they stop the shakes, and guess what?

woman punching self in face

Their weight loss stops, they begin having the 3pm fatigue, can't get going, and feel like they've plateaued!  

You CAN Prevent All OF This!

The nutrients in the L.O.V.E. and Power Shake help Curb Cravings, Reduce Fatigue, and Flush Toxins...

This is something you want to do every day.

Purium has put together Lifestyle Packs that fit your Continuation Needs. 

 Pick the one that fits you best and place your order today!

**If someone else enrolled you please visit their website to order so they get credit for your purchase. Thanks!

Body Repair Booster Pack: This kit contains a head to toes variety of products ~ Joint Flex, Heart Aid and Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails. Excellent for joint and cardiovascular support if these are your primary concerns moving forward. 

Total Weight Control Core Pack: This kit has a complete meal replacement shake along with pre-meal control caps that curb appetite. If cravings are still bothering you, this is the way to go for your next 30-days to kick their ass once and for all.  

Purium money back guarantee

Digestion Relief Pack: This kit is for people who are suffering from digestion issues. Bottom line: as you return to whole foods if you are still feeling bloated (especially after eating) and still "holding your cheeks tight" for safety, this will get you back to normal digestion. This also helps to continue the removal of toxins out of the body, which is always a good choice.  

Maximum Fitness Core Pack:  Perfect for people who are wanting nutritional support for their fitness and exercise program. Tried and true, this will help you have better energy for pre-workout and superior repair and recovery post-workout. If you have been chomping-at-the-bit to get back in the gym and go hard, go with this pack.   

Anti-Aging Pack: Outstanding immune system support and anti-oxidant support from free-radical damage. Removing toxins from the body can cause the immune system to drop in some cases, so this will help without a doubt. This is also great support for people pushing exercise for the next 30-days and can be used in conduction with the Fitness Core Pack. 

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Ok Ladies, that's it for Day 5 of your Transformation. Tonight or first thing tomorrow, review the Day 6 information and as always, if you have any questions reach out to us directly or get hold of Purium's Naturopath Dr. Mike to help you with any specific issues or concerns you may be having during your process.

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