The Best Full Body Cleanse On The Planet!
Pre-Transformation Guidelines

This full body cleanse is better and WAY healthier than a juice cleanse, master cleanse, or colon cleanse. 

Welcome to the Pre-Transformation Pretty Sexy Cleanse Guidelines.

It is a natural cleanse and here are the guidelines for a successful outcome.  It is critical that I share with you some words of wisdom to help you get the best results in the fastest and easiest way possible. 

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Ok, so first and foremost congratulate yourself on making the decision to reset your metabolism, end your cravings, pump up your energy, rev up your sex drive, and take charge of your health in a big way.  

This cleanse burns up cellulite while maintaining or increasing your muscle tone.  While this is unheard of with conventional cleansing, in fact, most people lose between 5 and 20 pounds of fat and I've proven this with my own scientific testing procedures before I put my stamp of approval on it. 

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Now let's take a look at how you can ensure success with your 10-Day Transformation Cleanse.  the following information is the real key to success, as you will be radically changing how you eat for the next 10 days.  During this full body cleanse, you will want to follow these guidelines as closely as possible so that your results speak for themselves.

If you haven't registered for the Nutritional Analysis and received a Graph of Your Organ Systems you may want to do that now.  If there are specific hormonal or other imbalances you may need extra support so that you get the results you are wanting.  

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Keep calm and keep your head in the game

Get Your Head In The Game!  

This is the time to make a firm decision ~ you will likely face some ugly demons on this journey so you need to have a kick-ass attitude for whatever challenge might come up.  Why the intensity here?

Simple, you have no idea just how addicted and programmed you are with food until you do something radically different.

Just expect that there may be a day or two where you will feel emotional, irritable and crave some foods, but this is where you have to bring your best game. You are your own super hero, and you WILL SUCCEED, no matter what... if you choose it.  

Visualize Success for Your Full Body Cleanse:

Defining what you really want to get out of this full body cleanse is a big key to your success.  What I have found is that if someone expects to lose 5 pounds, they will, and if they expect to lose 15 pounds, guess what!  They will!

Create a clear picture and set your intention. Take a few minutes to write your vision down in a journal and read it everyday.  If you read them first thing in the morning it will help you set the intention for the day, and, if you read them just before going to bed it will begin to program your subconscious so that manifesting becomes that much easier.  

Goal Achieved target
  • How much weight would you like to lose?  
  • How would you like to feel in your body?  
  • What would you like to heal? 
  • How Would You Like it To Change Your Life?
  • What one thing could you do right now to increase your success?

You may even want to cut out pictures of people who represent your most amazing self ever.  I personally created a vision board with inspiring words, pictures of beautiful women, and put it right by my bed so I looked at it throughout the day.  I know that this helps me stay on track and feel better about myself each day.  

Visualize with Thanksgiving for What You Already Have.

Woman on pink exercise ball

Modify Exercise...

I know some of you resist with every fiber of your being giving up your exercise (and I know, taking a walk doesn't equal "exercise"), and then there are others who haven't taken a walk any father than from their couch to their bathroom.  

Either way, I recommend light exercises like walking or restorative yoga so you can stay muscle building.  Cleansing is about resetting the metabolism and HEALING THE BODY, not pushing it to its max.  

**If you are doing the Athlete's Cleanse then Exercise Away! 

If you refuse to give up exercise please, please, please reach out to me so that I can help you modify your cleanse so that you are not wasting your muscles away.

For those of you who barely get off the couch, use this time to begin taking a 20 minute brisk walk each day.  The truth is you are here because you want change, and nothing will change if you don't step up.

If you are tempted to hit the gym hard, there are a few modifications I can guide you on that will help keep you in an anabolic state, which is where you want to be. 

With the testing procedures I took with some of my patients I found that if they did not make the modifications they lost muscle mass.  This means LESS FAT BURNING!

woman lifting weights

Remember, this full body cleanse WILL build muscle and Burn fat without hitting the gym, so let it do its work as designed. Taking a break is a good thing, really.    

Eat your Flex Foods! 

There seems to be a lot of confusion about exactly what to eat during the cleanse, and I can see why:  There is a limited list of flex foods on the Transformation Guide, and lots of people out there saying it is o.k. to eat foods that are not on the list.

Let Me Help You Understand...

Woman eating salad

From what I have learned from Dave, Dr. Mike,

and numerous patients who I have put on this full body cleanse:

1.  Eat every 2 hours while on the cleanse.

2.  Anything on the list is fair.

3. Any other vegetable or fruit is good too, EXCEPT potatoes, corn, bananas, mango, and beans of any kind.

4.  It is vital to be mindful of calorie intake: 

With the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse you should be getting 600-800 calories per day.  

With the Athlete's Transformation, add 300 calories to every 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise. So, if you exercise 30 minutes you should be eating more like 1000 calories/day.

4. Remember What You Are Doing This For: (Read the Quote on the Left...)

Most people want to lose weight, and, most want to keep that weight off.  That means they MUST change their lifestyle, and this cleanse is a jump-start to a new way of living and being in relationship with food, And Your Body. 

This IS NOT about "food deprivation to lose as much weight as possible"... This IS ABOUT allowing your body a vacation from processed foods and an overload of calories so it can heal and release what it doesn't need.

It is also about learning to treat you body with LOVE... Committing to Change, Lovingly Feeding Your Body Healthy Foods... NOT Whip-Lashing Restriction to deplete the fat off of you... this never works.  It is time to give this mentality up!

With this cleanse you are learning to prepare foods in a new way, and try new recipes you can use for the rest of your healthy life. Have fun with it!

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Always consider what kind of leader you would like to be for your children...  

Would you ever limit their diet to 5 vegetables? Ever? Why Not? Likely they would feel a sense of deprivation, and maybe even think they are not good enough for you... IS this what you want to do to yourself?

Be Conscious, Take Action towards creating a helathier mind and body through every choice you make with your food...  

That is what this Full Body Cleanse IS about.

Dr. Brandy's Approved Flex Foods:


*All Organic, Of Course!







red bell pepper


berries (for sure only organic berries!)



Vegetable Broth

Nori & Seaweed 

Raw Cacao - 1/2 tbsp = 1 flex food

*any F & V you like, outside of bananas, mangos, potatoes, corn, and beans.

watermelon wedges

Coconut butter - great to curb sugar cravings.  eat it by the spoonful or make a treat with it (I will share a few recipes with you!). My favorite brand is Artisana. Check the label as the only ingredient should be coconut.

Organic Salsa - again, no preservatives, sweeteners or colors.

Coconut Oil 



Fresh Sauerkraut

Organic Apple Sauce - unsweetened, organic

Nutritional Yeast - Full of B-Vitamins, great for vegans! Use as a seasoning, or to make a "cheesy sauce"! 

Mustard - read labels - no preservatives or colorings 

Flex Drinks:

Organic Lemon Juice - to blend in water or sparkling water.  Sliced cucumber, strawberries, oranges, etc. are great in water too. *Fresh is best.

Herbal Tea - any caffiene-free tea works, outside of Celestial Seasonings, as they often add extra ingredients in the flavorings.

Sparkling water  - great to give you the carbonation fix, just be sure there are no artificial sweeteners or added flavors in it. 

Unsweetened Almond or Coconut Milk - 1 cup = 1 flex food

Kombucha (Synergy best brand to state with if you are new to Kombucha) -  Great alternative to sodas!  Be mindful of carbs.  

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks - another drink to replace soda and great for digestion. Believe it or not they taste really good!

Sometimes people feel like they are cheating by eating the flex foods, but believe me on this one, flex foods are important nutrition that will HELP YOU BURN FAT and keep your hunger cravings at bay. This is the key to having success with this full body cleanse, so buy the foods, have them on hand and consume them at regular intervals.  

helping hand

Get Support ~

Set up your full body cleanse support ahead of time with family, friends and co-workers, anyone you have a relationship with, so they are not tempting you with cookies, rare chocolate, or some other good reason to cheat.

Absolutely let everyone you are around know what you are doing and ask them to be considerate and supportive of your transformation. Better yet, get them involved WITH YOU, because doing this as a group with people you know is a huge boost and will only enhance your success throughout the transformation.  

Remember, whenever you feel yourself having a tough day, we are here for you.  Contact us directly or get hold of the person in your team who introduced you to this full body cleanse.  

I have seen it all, and the worst thing to see is someone give up when all they had to do was give me a call and I could have helped them modify their program to fit their needs.

We also have a wonderful doctor on staff who is here for you as well.  You can e-mail or call the Purium Naturopath, Dr. Michael Wohlfeld.

Clean Out The Pantry...

This is among the most important pre-transformation actions you can do for your success.  Get rid of all the tempting foods that could take you out during a moment of craving and weakness (it will happen so the less temptations the better).  

Junk food

If you can't get your family to agree to this, then set aside a space JUST FOR YOU, so you can store your products and foods without having to be exposed to other items.

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a cooler to pack your products, flex foods, water, and shaker cup each day so you can grab and go.  It takes minutes to set up and if you keep the process as organized and simple as possible by prepping as much ahead of time as you can, you won't regret it.  


Pick The Right Day - CRITICAL

I highly recommend you give your start date some consideration... 

My recommendation for most people is to start your full body cleanse on a Friday.  The reason is that during the first 3 days typically most people will experience a cleansing or detox reaction as toxins are purged from the body.  

We will cover detox reactions on the Transformation Day 2 Guide (link at the bottom of this article), but suffice it to say that some people can experience low energy, mental fogginess or light flu like symptoms. 

A full body cleanse can create these detox symptoms, yet they  are usually mild and short lived, typically a couple of hours here and there. but what is important to understand is that you may not be on your best game. If this happens, REST, drink extra water and eat a flex food. Most people are past these detox reactions by Day 4, which if you started on your Friday is when you will return to a normal work schedule. For most people, getting over the day 3 hump means they typically experience a significant increase in energy and feeling outstanding.  

Alright Ladies!  You are ready to go!  Congratulations!

You are now about to begin taking some huge steps into a POWERFUL transformation with your Purium full body cleanse.  

The day before your cleanse or on the morning of the first day, please read the Day 1 Transformation Cleanse article, it contains VITAL information to make the most out of your cleanse.

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Each day comes with an article that is designed to give you additional tips and insight to your experience and help you get the most out of your full body cleanse, so take the 5 minutes out of your day to review the information THE DAY BEFORE OR MORNING OF and please do stay in touch with me if you have any questions.

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