Fast Weight Loss the Successful Way!

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Get ready to change your body and life for GOOD.

I am serious..., AND...

I know what you are thinking...

How can losing between 5-20 pounds in 10-Days possibly be Ever-Lasting?

Let me answer that for you...

10-Day Transformation Program

If you have read my story, then you know that I have been on a really long journey to recovery, and even better, to get to the level of success and personal empowerment that I have attained.  Yes, that journey has taken me down the path of trying every fast weight loss program I could find... Without Lasting Success. 

And, at one time, my belief systems, hence reality, held that it had to be hard, it had to take a long time, it had to be a struggle.

 Do you have these same beliefs lying in the crevices of your conscious, or subconscious mind?

My friend, it is now time to shed light on that darkness within you and free yourself from that hard-core, biased view.  That is, if you are ready to...  Either way, you are at choice.  

What I am choosing to share with you is a much easier and healthier way to Take Back Your Power and Regain Control over food addictions and the way you feel about your body and yourself; it can be easier than you think, if you are willing to allow it to be.

One of the really cool thing about being human is that we have a consciousness that can choose how we feel and choose what we believe.  The struggle comes from the fact that we are not taught that from the beginning, and throughout our entire lives we are bombarded by the beliefs of others, and what the media wants us to believe.  

I heard this great analogy today:  

"To let go and shift our beliefs takes as much power as lifting a rocket off the planet through gravity so that it can land on the moon.”

Your beliefs are like gravity.  To bust through the force of gravity take an incredible amount of power.  What will it take for you to bust through your beliefs around fast weight loss?  Can you imagine it?  

You have this amount of power, and much, much more. 

You cannot even realize the power that you harness

from your current perspective. 

As you begin to understand this, you begin to open the door to actually realizing the Truth of who you really are, and the power that runs through you each and every moment.  

This is the power that is you!

Now, take a moment and close your eyes...

Imagine that you believe all of this to be true; that you are much more powerful than you can imagine, and that you can choose to believe anything (and I mean anything) that you want right now.

How does it look?

How does it feel?

How does it taste?

What is life like from your new perspective?

Everything is energy, and your thoughts precede your physical reality. 

Once you have your thoughts aligned to what you desire to achieve, then it becomes totally possible!

If you took a few moments to close your eyes and feel into the above exercise with all of your senses, then you have a completely different sensation in your body than when you first started reading this page when you think of fast weight loss, right?

 Those sensations are chemicals in your body that are messengers moving throughout your body and changing the chemical makeup of who you are. 

Dr. Candice Pert speaks to this in her book,

Molecules of Emotion.

(Honoring Candice, as she unexpectedly passed September 12, 2013 and brought so much brightness and understanding to our world)

When the chemical makeup or who you are changes, your entire being changes.  

This is a scientific fact!

So, simply by changing your thoughts you change yourself and you change your reality, which includes your experience when it comes to fast weight loss!  How is that for fast?

That being said, it is my belief that I have carved a path through the dense jungle of food addiction, obesity, depression, and eating disorders.  And now you have a clear path to your desired destination and fast weight loss can be successful!  

Clearing the path took a lot longer than simply taking steps along the path to greater health and wellbeing.

When people ask me what I do, I say:

I help women lose weight, feel great, and love their bodies from the inside-out.”

What I have found is that what once took me 4-6 months to achieve with a patient in helping them reach their goals now takes me about 30-90 days, since I have implemented the

10-Day Transformation Program

There is a Goddess inside you waiting to be released and embraced...

What choice will you make today?

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