Energy Healing ~ Is It For Me?

Energy Healing is for you if you are interested in looking deeper than your skin for the answers.  Have you ever wondered how your body heals?  It is absolutely amazing that when you cut yourself or break a bone it heals up without you even thinking about it.  There is something much bigger going on here when it comes to healing.

Would you agree that you are more than just your physical body?

You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, an emotional aspect of yourself, and you are connected to something far greater than yourself which has brought you to this very moment.  

Some call it Divine.

Energy Healing is an art form that is based on connecting to that greater part of yourself; connecting to that part of yourself that guides the healing process (without your thinking about it) and knows how to get you home when you are lost.  It is an innate intelligence that runs your body and it is always doing the best it can for your survival.  

The problem is that so very often people allow their conscious mind to get in the way of their own healing process.  It is likely at some point you have had some sort of traumatic experience in your life... maybe once or twice?

These traumatic experiences cause your body to get tight, digestion stops, your heart races, and your blood pressure goes up. You may have heard of this as being called "Fight or Flight" response.  This is a perfectly normal response when you are in trouble. However, you may be wondering then why is my body still doing these things?  Let me enlighten you...

Any experience you have that is emotionally charged gets stuck in the subconscious memory and the subconscious is responsible for running 99% or your bodily functions.  Here's the kicker: your subconscious doesn't understand time.  It doesn't realize that the danger is over, so it keeps running your body as if the past trauma is still happening.  That is why many people find themselves with health issues like high blood pressure, indigestion, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic insomnia, and frequent urination.  Could it be that restless leg syndrome is a subconscious pattern of needing to "run away"? And what about Alzheimer's Disease... who wouldn't want to forget some of the tragedies that go on in our world.

Just a thought...

Energy healing is only for those people who know there is something more to their story or they would be healing much faster.  They get there is something going on that drugs, doctors and surgery cannot heal.  they understand that addressing the non-physical part of themselves can affect change in their physical body.  

There are a multitude of techniques that address the non-physical or spiritual aspect of your being.  Personally, I practice Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) because it actually saved my life. <LINK TO ABOUT>  If it were not for this technique I truly believe I would not be alive today.  B.E.S.T. is an energy healing technique that quickly moves out negative beliefs, patterns and habits.   It is what worked for me becoming unstuck from old behaviors, illnesses and patterns, so I now share it with as many people as I can.  Most people do not realize there is a way out if the insanity, the painful body, the negative patterns and habits, and I am here to show them otherwise.

I also practice Intuitive Coaching.  This type of coaching is way more than health coaching alone.  Intuitive Coaching is an energy healing technique that is an incredible way to help you determine your next steps to greater wellness AND it assist you in removing the blocks that are keeping you stuck so you can move forward much faster.  

If there is a "block" in your mind and/or energy system, it will show up in your physical body.  What happens when you think of a juicy lemon?  Is your mouth watering?  Your body is responding to only a memory.  What happens if you are holding onto a belief that you cannot heal? Well, that is exactly what you will get... a body that will not heal.  There is a way to let go of these subconscious blocks, and it all begins right here.

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