Ecstatic Happiness!

by Dr. Brandy McCans

Hi ~
I am Dr. Brandy McCans. Of course you know me, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you why I am so incredibly excited about the 10-Day transformation Program and Purium Health Products.

I am sure you know that I have been teaching Weight Loss and Ecstatic Health for many years. Having come from being Obese, Depressed, and truly understanding "The Fight", it has been my passion to help women really come into a place of healing, from the inside out; to learn to love the body they have and to honor and cherish it; to feed their souls, before their bodies.

And, of course, we teach what we are learning...

So, in essence, I was still in "The Fight". Although I had lost most of my weight, had overcome Bi-Polar Manic Depression (I haven't been on medication in 14 years), and have not been Bulimic for many, many years, there was still a struggle going on inside of me. Some days were better than others, but all in all, I had not reached a place of Total Empowerment from Within.

That is when the 10-Day Transformation came into my life.

At first I was up in arms about my perception of this as being a Quick Weight Loss Scheme, so, after calling the Naturopath on staff with this company, and finding him standing firmly behind his product, I decided to do it myself. I also threatened that I was going to post a 2 minute video on You Tube each day so that people could see what this was all about.

You can watch these videos here:

As you will see, it did not turn out like I had anticipated.

The videos start out as completely unbiased reviews, but by Day 8 something incredible shifted inside me!
I felt so juicy, so alive, so empowered, that I did not want to stop. I can hardly put it into words how amazing I felt, and, I had lost 13 pounds! The 13 pounds that I had figured I could never lose; the 13 pounds that I felt like I had to come to love; the 13 pounds that took me from happy to Ecstatic!

So, ok, that is what I experienced during my 10-Day Transformation Program, but I was really interested in seeing how long the results lasted. That's the true test. It has been 6 months now and I have to say WOW!!! I haven't ever been happier in my body or with my body. The momentum that has been created in my life has taken me out of "The Fight" into True Success.

No longer am I struggling with food; my cravings have diminished, I am making healthier choices with ease, and I am now looking forward to stepping onto the stage of my very first Physique Show! I never could have believed that I could be this happy with my body until now and I truly believe the 10-Day Transformation Program and Purium Health Products have been the biggest catalyst for my growth.

Once I tried it out on myself, I tried it out on a few of my hard-case patients. I figured, if they were willing to try it I was willing to coach them through it to see if what we had in our hands was really worth promoting. Boy Howdy! I am now getting results with patients that couldn't lose the weight no matter how hard they tried, and, what used to take me 6-9 months I am accomplishing in 60-90 days!

I am a true believer in High-Quality, Nutrient-Dense Superfoods that Feed Your Cells exactly what it needs to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Reduce or Eliminate Cravings, and Increase Energy in the healthiest way possible.

If you think you are ready to take this step and truly bust through your old "trash and baggage" around food and feeling funky in your body, give this a try. I have a $50 Gift Card to help you get started, and with that the whole programs barely costs as much as it does for you to eat everyday.

Click here to get you r$50 Gift Card:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out any time. I am happy to answer any of your questions: 707-888-9080

Live Vibrantly!
Dr. Brandy McCans

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