Superfood Cleanse Support ~ Day 3
Your Depression Self Help Guide

Depression self help is necessary for many of us women, and you have found the best resource!  You may not realize it yet, but this 10-Day Transformation Program  addresses far more than stuck weight ~ you are Stepping Into a Whole Life Transformation!  

Welcome to Day 3!

The 10-Day Transformation Program has helped me tremendously not only lose weight, but create mental stability that far surpasses any depression medication I have ever tried.

This is usually the most pivotal time of this transformation process.  Likely, by Day 3, you are experience a few detox symptoms, and I am not just talking about having to be near the toilet.

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Feeling Stuck? Maybe you have a tiny block that is keeping you in a rut...

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It really can "mess with your head" as you let go of the old programming around food and your self-image.  It really may have you angry, feeling helpless, wondering if you can do it, or looking for depression self help.

If you are having a hard time, please reach out to me so that I can help you modify the program to fit your body's needs.  we are all different and each one of us needs a little different plan to make it work.  

Also, join our Recipes for the Purium Lifestyle Face Book Group.  Lots of support, recipes and tips to help you get through.  

Remember, this is Lifestyle Transformation... not a Food Avoidance Program...

Do Not Fear! 

Take it One Day At A Time...

By tomorrow the vast majority of your challenges will be greatly relieved, if not completely.  You will likely be feeling like you "made it over the hump" and your energy will begin to climb to a skyrocket!  Your mindset will transform so quickly.  If you have any concerns about this be sure to check out my short daily videos I posted as I went through this depression self help program for the first time. 

Dr. Brandy's 10-Day Transformation Videos

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You probably are aware of my recovery from Bi-Polar Manic Depression, and if not, you can read all about it in my book:

Amazing Health, Amazing You

7 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Vibrancy and

Live Your Best Life Ever!

Annihilate Your Need for Depression Self Help:

Today I want to reveal another POWERFUL strategy to making the most of your cleanse, and to totally annihilate your need for depression self help:

 ~ The Power of Programming ~

Programming comes in many forms, all of which are incredibly important to your success (or your demise, for that matter), and Programming affects virtually every aspect of your life:

How You Do Anything IS How You Do Everything.

Let's take a brief look at the key components and challenge you with some deep soul searching questions:

FAT-B: When you were created you were given absolute control over ONLY FOUR THINGS.  Since you utterly control these four things it stands to reason they are the most important of all things in this life:  

F stands for Feelings…no one can tell you how to feel, its always a choice.  

A stands for Actions…no one can make you do anything you don't want to do.

T stands for Thoughtsno one can tell you what to think.  And,

B stands for Beliefs…no one can tell you what to believe.  

Bottom line, you are 100% responsible for every feeling, action, thought and belief. Embrace them fully, including anything you have surrounding this 10-Day Transformation Program.

Here is What You Do:

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This is the cornerstone of all successful people. Beyond all doubt, a healthy dose of discipline is essential. In fact, the more discipline one can muster generally the more successful one becomes at achieving their goals.  Doing a cleanse in any form takes discipline and you've proven you have what it takes by making it to day 3 of this transformation.  

Beyond the Power Shakes and Super Amino 23, creating discipline with your mind is vital.  

Take 5 Minutes...

Each day set aside time (it really can be just 5 minutes) to clear your mind and visualize how you want your life to be.  Feel into it, and imagine it were all happening now (because it really is.)  You are the creator of your life story.  Take time to write a fascinating, rivoting, passionate, life-altering story!


Dedication, Devotion, Excitement, Fervor...

How Bad Do You Want It?

To ensure you have success you also need a powerful dose of real passion and if you can stoke that passion to a white-hot burning desire there is no possible way you can fail.

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Ask yourself Why It Is So Important To You that you have success with this, as well as with EVERYTHING in your life.

What is the point if you don't REALLY want it?

If you still feel a little hopeless at this point, and this depression self help isn't working yet, I invite you to bust through your blocks with a FREE Mini-Intuitive Coaching Session...   *Use Gift Code "FREEINTUIT"

Visualization: When you read the pre-transformation cleanse article you spent some time visualizing your goal for the following 10-days.  

Are you staying committed to "seeing" that grand vision of yourself being realized?

Are you doing it with Commitment, Discipline and Passion?  

Read this article by Oprah to learn about Vision Boards!


This is where the programming comes in...

You take Discipline, couple it with Passion and Enhance it with Visualization, cast it in stone with your Feelings, Actions, Thoughts and Beliefs, and BAM!! You create a new habit ~ one that empowers you to achieve anything you desire

No longer will you ever need depression self help, as you are levitating yourself way above your old paradigms and you will Never Come down!

Day 3 is definitely going to be a turning point in the process. Please be aware that the cleansing reactions I outlined on Day 2 may assert themselves today more than any other day of your cleanse.  Be Prepared!

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Everyone's experience is unique so nothing is in stone, and for many ladies the cleansing reactions simply don't manifest. If they do, rest assured that this should be viewed as a positive sign because the Purium Products are doing their job of purging toxins out of your body.  

Remember, when you feel a detox reaction happening your first action is to  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. If your issues are not reduced within 15 minutes, then your next action is to eat a flex food and rest, rest, rest…take it easy for the whole day (you have my permission to be ultra lazy ladies ~ this is YOUR time!).

The possible answers are endless of course, but a bit of introspection on these two questions, along with the strategies suggested on Day 2 for cleansing challenges will get you past the Day 3 hump and you will never need depression self help again!

Ok Ladies, that's it for Day 3 of your Transformation. Tonight or first thing tomorrow, review the Day 4 information and as always, if you have any questions reach out to us directly or get hold of Purium's Naturopath Dr. Mike to help you with any specific issues or concerns you may be having during your process. 

Live Vibrantly!

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