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Both Free Weekly Conference Calls can be accessed with the same number and pin code:

712-775-7031   Pin:  549-789-268

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Women's Wellness & Balanced Hormones Conference Call

Every Monday, 3pm PST/4pm MT/5pm CST/6pm EST

This 30-minute Weekly Call is designed to give you an easy-to-do Tip Of The Week so that you can learn how to stay balanced and happy as you age.  There will be Power-Women Interviews, information on Hormones, Healthy Eating, and Loving Attitude Adjustments so the practice of Living Balanced is easy! If you have a gift to share with our community feel free to contact me and we can discuss having you interviewed.

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Breathe, Meditate Heal
Conference Call

Every Wednesday, 12pm PST/1pm MT/2pm CST/3pm EST

Join the 20-minute Weekly Call to get your weekly inspiration!  Learn to balance yourself, relax your nervous system and connect to other who are creating greater well being in their lives.

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