Chronic Bloating... Among Other Things
Part 5

Chronic bloating can be a terrible problem for us ladies, especially when it leads to gaseous explosions that smell, or when it doesn't allow us to get into those jeans without creating a muffin top.  And How Awful when YOU KNOW it isn't really "fat" but a just big bloated belly!?!  Oh, how well I know...

YOU SHOULD KNOW:  It really is An Easy Fix!

I have been working with guts for many years now and I understand a few things about healing the gut.  Chronic bloating is only one of many symptoms that come with digestive disorders.

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms?

Upper or Lower Abdominal Pain?  Cramping?  Strain with Bowel Movements?  Constipation? Alternating Stools?  Indigestion? Take OTC Digestive Aids?  Cramps? Heartburn/GERD?  See Food In Your Stool?

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If so, you may have a digestive disorder that is causing chronic bloating, or any of the other symptoms as well.  These could include:

Gluten Intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chron's Disease, Gastritis, Colitis, Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), Acid Reflux, GI Ulcers, or even Leaky Gut Syndrome.

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You Can't Do It On Your Own...

There have been several of these patients over time, but one in particular stands out:

Patient Story:

Michelle (name changed to protect the innocent.) actually had 3 consultations with me over time, attended several of my classes, and kept telling me she is doing everything I am telling her to do, although it took her about a year to become an actual patient to get the help she really needed.

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She removed gluten, ate non-GMO foods, had an anti-inflammatory diet, drank lots of water, and did lots of other things I am sure.  And her biggest complaint was that her diet was so limited!  

She thought she had been eating a limited diet for long enough that she should be well by now.  

I did tell her she should be able to heal her gut and likely could eat pretty much anything she wants in moderation once she gave her body what it needed.  

This is what all of my patients experience!

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But if Michelle ate the smallest amount of gluten she had chronic bloating and pain.  Worst of all she really never know what was going to cause her to have a reaction. It could be something simple that doesn't normally cause her chronic bloating or pain, but suddenly it does. 

It just didn't make sense to her...  but It Made A LOT of Sense to Me!




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I really wish I could tell my patients to simply eat more vegetables and they will be fine.

Hippocrates even proclaimed nearly 2,500 years ago:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

But as you can see (and may be experiencing yourself) that it simply does not work... not in today's world.

depleted soil

#1: There are proven reliable declines in the nutrients of foods over the past 50 years.

The food you are eating today is devoid of essential nutrients due to poor soil quality and genetic modifications.  That means that in order to get the same amount of vitamin A from anorange that your grandparents did you would have to eat 8 whole oranges!! 

Learn more here: Depleted Soil, Depleted Food

#2: Add all of that to the fact that our bodies are more toxic than ever, and under more stress than we have ever known, and you have a HUGE depletion problem and no real nutrients going back in the bank.  

This means our bodies become more and more depleted over time, resulting in chronic bloating, painful bowels, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, and rapid aging, inside and out.

The Answer to Chronic Bloating & Other Digestive Problems:

Our world today calls for us to do what we can to stay ahead of our own decline; we must take responsibility for our health if we want to be healthy, feel good, and perform at our best.  

And You Must Get Professional Help so You Get On The Right Track!

The primary thing I have found to combat the quickening of this health decline is to supplement our bodies with high-quality  nutritional concentrates so that you can get the nutrients you need to heal and maintain balance in your body.

I Practice Functional Nutrition:

my experience shows that if the correct and specific nutrients are not re-established the gut may never heal.  

This is what happened to Michelle.  She was doing "all the right things" but never filled her bank with the nutrients she needed to truly heal her gut.  

Once she became a patient I put her on a specific nutrient protocol specially designed for her body.  Once her needs were met  her gut began to heal.  

She now has a much freer diet and her chronic bloating and pain is no more, and she has thrown away her cabinet-full supplement bottles that seemed to be a big waste of money.

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I absolutely love to help people get back to a level of health that desire.  

I prescribe personalized nutrient profiles and protocols to my patients so their bodies can have exactly what it needs to repair and regenerate.  

If you are considering taking a next step like getting your own Nutritional Therapy protocol to overcome chronic bloating or other digestive symptoms, reach out and let's chat.  My consultations are complementary.  

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