Transformation Body Cleanse Support ~ Day 1
10-Day Anabolic Transformation Cleanse

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to Day 1!

As you know, some body cleanse programs leave you on your own to fumble through it, which means you might not get the greatest results.  Not Here!  You have found the best Transformation Program on the planet, AND you get all the support you will ever need.  I am here for you! 

This your guide for Day 1 of your 10-Day Transformation Program...

The video below is my experience by Day 10...

Find Out What You Are In For!

Likely, you already have your body cleanse kit, but if you'd like to learn more about how to:

  • Reset Your Metabolism in 10 Days 
  • Detox Processed Foods and Environmental Toxins
  • Eliminate Cravings
  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain
  • Build Muscle
  • Burn Fat as fast as possible

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Purium Green Drink

Transformation Body Cleanse Guide:


During this body cleanse Drink Lots of Water!   

Your ABSOLUTE minimum goal is to drink 10, eight ounce glasses of water a day (80 ounces of water).  Even better, 

water bottles in ice

if you are over 160 pounds it is recommended that you drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces every day.

(for example a 180 pound woman would drink 60 ounces of water every day)

I know that may sound like A LOT of water, but here's why:

woman drinking water with lime

Hydration is vital for detoxification:

Drinking water during this body cleanse helps your cells become more hydrated, which allows vitamins and minerals from the Purium Super Foods to enter the cellular lining more efficiently. 

With that will come increased oxygen in your cells which

= Better Function & More Energy!

Proper hydration helps move toxins out so you can prevent headaches, nausea, and other detox symptoms.

Hydration Eases Detoxification Side Effects: 

While many people do not experience any side-effects during the cleanse, it is possible some people will experience differing levels of physical and mental challenges from this process. We will cover these effects in detail on another day, but just know if you are not feeling too hot or your energy crashes, hydration is your first remedy.  


Good hydration will quickly move the toxins your body is releasing out of your system.  Which is great!

You want those suckers out of there!

Just know this body cleanse will have you become a peeing machine.  This is normal and celebrated!  Enjoy the process

Toxic body

Hydration Eases Hunger Pangs.

Because you eating HIGHLY Nutrient-Dense Super Foods with the Purium products you are getting ALL the essential nutritional needs met, but your calories are going to remain very low, which is a radical departure from "normal" eating that you are likely used to consuming. 

This is where your mind can play tricks on you!  

You may feel hungry even though you are covered nutritionally AND, in most cases, hunger is simply emotionally-based, or dehydration. In the vast majority of cases hunger pangs will be significantly reduced or cease with drinking more water.  

Click here to learn how to drink non-toxic water!

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Get Some Support!  

Ladies ~ Give Up Doing It All On Your Own!  

We all know that story to one degree or another, but this is where you must draw the line.  Take your hand and Reach Out!  Find someone in your life that you trust can hold space for you to show up fully to this program.  As a matter of fact, getting them on board with you is a great way to ensure accountability.  

Have You Joined This Supportive and Powerful Women's Circle?

Ignite Your Purium Life Women's Group Coaching Program!

Having and accountability partner means that

you know someone has your back and 

is going to support you through this body cleanse program

for the next 10 days.  

Need an Accountability Partner & Coach?

It is also important to get your family, friends, and co-workers on board with you.  Maybe they won't all do the 10-Day Transformation Program with you, (which could earn you a nice little side income, by the way), but as long as they know what you are up to they can cheer you on, rather than trying to feed you doughnuts.  

It is all from love, so help them help you stay committed.

Get Clear on Your Starting Point:

You are going to Transform your body...

and it is not uncommon for people to literally look different in only 10-days, so much so

your friends will be asking 

"how did you do that?!?". 

runners at the starting line

Trust me ~ you will want these details ~  so be sure to:

Weigh Yourself: 

Do this first thing in the morning AFTER going to the bathroom and BEFORE eating or showering, so it is consistent. Weight loss will happen!  Most people lose between 5 and 20 pounds during this 10-Day Body Cleanse, so tracking your progress is fun. 

**If you have had trouble losing weight in the past, you may want to get your Nutritional Analysis Graph of your organ systems to see if there is an underlying possible organ or hormonal system imbalance getting in your way.  

Use Gift Code: "FREENA" to get your 1st $85 graph for FREE!

woman measuring her belly

Measure Your Body Parts: 

I recommend measuring it all, but especially the waist area including your naval area and 2 inches above and below.  Get your hips too.

The primary thing to remember is to 

measure the same way every time.  

Most people will drop inches from their bodies during this 10-Day Body Cleanse.  

I lost 8 inches the first times I did it.   

Take Pictures. 

You do not have to show them to anyone...

just take them so you will have something to look back on and see the change.  

Sometimes losing 5 or 6 pounds is not as impactful as seeing a before and after picture that reveals a sexier, slimmer you!  

Follow Directions:

Your Purium 10-Day Transformation Body Cleanse comes with a detailed instruction sheet with the times to take the products and the different flex foods you can eat.

Basically you will be eating something every 2 hours throughout the day.  

Click the link below to see the Transformation Guide:

10-Day Transformation Guide

Here are a couple of quick tips to get the most from these directions:

10-Day Transformation Guide

Time Frames: 

Follow the time frames BUT adjust them to your needs. For example if you don't get up at 7:00 am each day, or your are on shift work, just make the simple adjustment to get your schedule dialed in for your needs. 

The only rule you need to follow here for maximum results is 

adhere to the time between feedings, meaning: eat every 2 hours! 

This is CRITICAL for keeping your energy up and to support detoxification.

Dr. Brandy drinking purium green drink

Take all the products:  

Don't skip anything!

These products have been put together so that you get the best results possible, but you have to take them if you want them to work.

Drink Your Shakes!

Take Your Aminos!

Do All The Steps!

Break Time:

During your transformation you may run into some senseless mind-chatter that may cause you to think about quitting, biting someone's head off, or cheating.  

Rather than allowing yourself to be taken out by your old programming and false beliefs, here are a couple of strategies that will help tremendously whenever you find yourself in this predicament:

people relaxing on the beach
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Take A Walk: 

Go out into the fresh air, take a deep breath, and simply walk.  Don't push it hard core, just walk briskly for about 20 minutes.

Use that time to look around ~ change the focus of your eyes.  Look at the ground.  Look at your hand.  Look at a mail box.  Look into the distance at the hills or horizon.  Watch a plane crossing the sky.

woman walking on beach

The CASUAL shifting of your focus will clear out any static and literally balance the hemispheres of your brain so your reaction will be reduced and most likely eliminated.  Its like hitting your internal reset button.  

If you are having an especially challenging day during this body cleanse, take multiple walks.  

Light Exercise:  

Doing some light cardio (not weights) will provide a similar result as walking.  

Use this time for more "inner work" and allow your body to let go of the toxins.  Exercising hard can confuse you body.

*If you are on the Athlete's Cleanse then you will be adding in exercise and eating more food.


Gentle stretching or "restorative yoga" each day will increase your body flexibility, help your body release, increases the flexibility of your mind, and it will release endorphins that will take away any mental weakness that is trying to assert itself.  Just Do It!

Have Some Juicy, Love-Making Sex! 

Of course this is NEVER A BAD IDEA, but in this case the distraction will pull your mind away from the B.S. its spewing and the release of endorphins will take care of you in a big way.  

Talk about Feeling Fabulous!

man and woman in bed

(Oh don't pout if you don't have a partner... you know how to

turn yourself on and make it happen!  Get Busy Ladies!)

Day 1 calendar

That is it Ladies for Day 1 of your 10-Day Body Cleanse and Transformation.  Congrats on taking this first step on this amazing journey.  These steps you are taking now will be steps that pay you for a lifetime.  Celebrate yourself and LOVE Who You Are!

Tonight, or the first thing in the morning review the Day 2 Support Page, and, as always, if you have any questions or need personal support, reach out.

Live Vibrantly!

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