Why Your Blood Tests May Be Useless

Let, me guess, you got your Blood Tests results back and they said you are "normal",

but you certainly do not feel "normal"...

Am I Right?

I know how scary it can be to feel like something is wrong in your body,

yet the doctors can't find anything going on.  

You know a woman's intuition is right, and

when you feel it, you have to believe it.

Here's the thing, blood has been analyzed for many years, primarily for diagnosing disease.  What is not really addressed, are the sub-clinical findings that are happening in a person's body that are leading up to dis-ease.  

~ Dis-ease is not black or white ~

It's not one day you are fine, the next day you have a dreaded disease.

The truth is that even though your test results are within "normal" ranges, there may very well be underlying imbalances that are over-looked because you don't fit the profile of someone with a dis-ease.

This is where preventative care comes in.  If you can catch a dis-ease process happening in your body, before it becomes a big problem, you will be much better off in the long run.

It is true that disease is a process, and unless you catch the process early enough, you will become diseased.

Is it possible that the feelings you have in or about your body

are your systems speaking to you before it's "Too Late"?

Your body has ways of communicating with you so that you can take the best care of it possible.  Your stomach growls when you are hungry, your head hurts when you are dehydrated, and your intuition speaks up when you are needing to be more aware of the happenings of your body.

Functional Blood Chemistry is a way of

looking at blood tests throught the lens of

"Optimal Health & Prevention".

The test ranges that are used by most doctors are called "Pathological Ranges", whereas cutting edge doctors and health care practitioners like myself are now using "Functional Ranges" for their testing procedures.

Functional Ranges give the doctor a set of values that indicate whether or not a person has the propensity towards a specific disease state.  That means, the person who is having symptoms without positive traditional blood work findings, can now be evaluated to see if a disease process is in place.

Just because your results come back normal does not mean that you are healthy.

However, if your Functional Blood Tests are in good standing, then you probably have plenty of energy, healthy digestion, mental clarity, and a rockin' sex drive!

I have been practicing Functional Blood Chemistry for years, and have found it to be an Incredible Diagnostic Tool that helps my patients get Great Results!

You can get your Functional Blood Tests by contacting me directly.  I will order the specific tests and send you to a lab testing site in your area.  The lab sends me your results and I give you a thorough analysis and help you understand where you are on the ladder of health.

Are You Ready to Really Get Well?

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