Anabolic State Support Guide ~ Day 4
10-Day Anabolic Transformation Cleanse

Anabolic State = Muscle Building & Fat Burning!

Welcome to Day 4!

You have made it to a major turning point in this cleanse.  Not only have your detox reactions most likely faded, your energy is beginning to come back up and you are losing is F-A-T!

If you are feeing like you need more support, want to know what to do AFTER the 10-Days, would like to connect with other women doing this program or need help clearing out Mental-Mindset patterns that are blocking you...

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I suspect that you are getting a little tinge of excitement about coming upon the halfway point.  Coming this far is strongly telling your body and mind that you are COMMITTED ~ You are not letting anything get in your way of total success.  See, maintaining an anabolic state can be easy. 


Maybe you have shed a few pounds by now too... 

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Celebrate it if you have, and don't worry if you have not.  Everyone has a different experience; some lose weight fast in the beginning, others lose it as it goes along, others actually don't lose it until the 10-Days is over.  

This happens as they continue to Live the Purium Lifestyle!

Either way, know that you are feeding your body the healthiest Anabolic State Superfood products creating greater health on the inside!

Today's support guide will help you understand how Purium products work in three key ways:

Let's take a look at how your improving cellular function, the resetting of your metabolism and the elimination of your food cravings with these Superfoods keep you in an anabolic state and are being used as building blocks for your success on this transformation. 

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Cellular Function

When you are taking Purium Superfood products, especially any of the various green products, like Power Shake or L.O.V.E. Super Meal you are getting nutrient-dense whole foods that contain a  large amount of bio-available phytonutrients and enzymes, essential for your health.

Another Powerful Green Super Food:  Scoop of Greens!

It has been found to be helpful for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other blood sugar imbalances.

Once your cells are oxygenated and receive the readily-available nutrients the mitochondria (the energy factories of your cells) are energized to function at peak performance. That means your cellular lining allows vitamins and minerals to enter more efficiently AND it also allows toxins to be pushed out of the cell more efficiently.  To make sure this transformation process is giving you the best bang for the your efforts, keep up your hydration in conjunction with taking all the products each day. 

Scoop of Greens Product
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Improve Your Anabolic State... 


When you are consuming processed foods, especially foods containing simple carbohydrates, sugars and toxic chemicals, your metabolism is altered to tip the scales toward unwanted weight gain, and it is challenging to stay in an anabolic state. Every physical body process slows down as performance, function and your positive attitude decrease dramatically.

woman sneaking ice cream

You then get a craving for a "quick hit" so off you go to the nearest package of garbage you can grab.  This load of sugars and simple carbs causes a spike, which feels good for a moment (and tastes oh so yummy, because there is an industry that has the one goal of engineering those foods to cause a physical addiction to them, just like a drug!)yet inevitably this causes a energy crash a short time later.  To deal with that crash, guess what? 

You are in the middle of an insane fight within yourself as you sneak off to the fridge and stuff something... anything, in your mouth.

Processed foods (including your fave fast food) literally program your body and mind to feed again and again and again until your blood sugar is chronically disrupted and your metabolism slows way down.

Of course, this process alsodisrupts all systems of your body making you susceptible to varying forms of "lifestyle diseases" which we find expressed in most forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke, circulation issues, IBS, Chron's disease, kidney issues, high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, gallbladder issues, diabetes and the list goes on.  

We now know with certainty this rise in disease DIRECTLY correlates with the introduction of processed foods.

This IS the cause of our current "health care crisis" as it feeds another machine that is NOT vested in getting us better, our Sick Care System. In our country there is an excellent Crisis Care System, but when it comes to Health Care, it is Up To You!  There is likely not one drug that heals the body!  Healing happens only through nature, and staying in an anabolic state is where it begins.

science links processed food to autoimmune disease
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Purium's superfood products are 100% as nature intended. Taking these amazing products during your 10-day transformation will reset your metabolism. That means you will be purging toxins and assimilating more vitamins and trace minerals. The end result here will be an an increase in function of all systems of the body.  

Many people will experience some relief and in many cases elimination of chronic disease challenges. Best of all, because your body is now functioning at a higher efficiency, you will burn more fat and lose more of those fat pounds AFTER the cleanse ends, all the while retaining muscle by staying in an anabolic state…it just does not get any better than that my friends.

This happens by following the Continuation Program.

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Food Cravings:

I am saying this again because one of the most insidious aspects of the processed foods industry may leave you a bit shocked. Processed foods, especially those we find in fast-food chains, are LITERALLY engineered by scientists to be addicting.

These foods target the regions of your brain that is hard wired to love fats, sugars and salt to get you hooked…seriously.

Are you hearing this yet?

If your not a little pissed by now, you should be, because this reads like a science fiction horror story with you and your children as lab rats and that is not an exaggeration whatsoever.  

Now for Some Homework...

This is a MUST Watch!

 Click here for the You Tube Movie Food Inc.

To learn in depth about this concerning issue in our society.

Everything in processed junk foods go through MASSIVE TESTING to determine just the right amount of chemicals (read poison) to give the food the most addicting quality possible.  Color, taste, size…every aspect you can think of is DESIGNED by these asses to hook you, just like a drug dealer.  And, at least with a drug dealer we know taking the drugs are bad for us.  

These unethical junk food corporations hide the damaging nature of their food through deception, spin advertising and outright lies, including misdirection through false (yet FDA approved) labeling practices.  Just call it Franken-Food and the next time you want that McBurger and substitute the word poison for food to reprogram your own mind.  

Purium superfood products, when combined with this 10-day transformation cleanse process, will literally reduce and in many cases totally eliminate your cravings for the things that are not good for you. This happens because your body is actually in an anabolic state rather than starving.  The interesting part has been the feedback from my patients around this issue.  

Most people report that once they finished the cleanse, those processed foods they previously craved just don't have any power over them anymore…they simply don't want them even when the are offered! That is a phenomenal benefit of this transformation process.

McDonald's is not food, it's a science experiment
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If you are experiencing food cravings during your cleanse, your first action step is to drink some water. Wait 15 minutes and if you are still feeling the need to feed, then eat a flex food, even if its more than the cleanse guidelines suggest. It is FAR BETTER to eat an extra flex food than to fall victim to your cravings and break your cleanse. Food addictions in many ways are harder to deal with than smoking cessation or other drugs.  

Ok Ladies, that's it for Day 4 of your Transformation. Tonight or first thing tomorrow, review the Day 5 information and as always, if you have any questions reach out to us directly or get hold of Purium's NaturopathDr. Miketo help you with any specific issues or concerns you may be having during your process.

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