Alternative Health Strategies - Day 9 Guidelines
10-Day Anabolic Cleanse Support

Alternative health strategies are vital for keeping you on track with your progress.  This 10-Day Transformation Program has now Re-Set Your Metabolism, Reduced or Eliminated Your Cravings, and Helped you Shed Excess Weight.  Now is the time to kick it into high gear so that you continue the momentum.

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Your transformation is now 90% complete!!!  Way to Go!!.  You are almost there, the home stretch is in sight ~ Whoop Whoop!

This is a really exciting day because I am sure there has been some pretty dramatic changes in your relationship with processed foods and some incredible healing happening that being 

on whole foods for almost 10-days brings. The feedback I get is so outstanding, it keeps me motivated to bring this to as many people as possible in my mission to Empower Women to Love Their Bodies From the Inside Out and to Be Body Proud!

By this point you have overcome your obstacles, ordered your next products to support you in your next phase of transitioning back to a more whole food based lifestyle, AND have given consideration to spreading the love with this powerful Transformation process to loved ones, friends and associates.

With that foundation set I want to share with you how you can incorporate alternative health strategies and ensure you continue this journey for the rest of your life.    


You have come a long way in ONLY 10-DAYS Ladies!  What separates this Transformation from the other programs out there is the opportunity you have to now create a lifetime of successful nutrition practices from the foundations you are establishing here.  Just follow these alternative health strategies for the greatest success.

That said, I have seen a lot of people over the years involved with other 60 or 90 day programs do good for a while only to backslide into their previous patterns and end up right where they started or worse.  Together, with these alternative health strategies, we can prevent that from happening to you.  The following information is offered to ensure you stay the course. 

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The reduction in cravings is one of the outstanding benefits of the Purium 10-Day Transformation Program.  An old patient of mine has been very dedicated to her health, but tends to have cravings for sweets from time to time.  She also LOVES WINE a bit too much, if you know what I mean. And, prior to the cleanse, if  those things  were offered she would cave to the crave and indulge, without a doubt.  This would sometimes create a spiral of "bad eating" and bingeing out on things she would not have otherwise eaten. It is like one little bite or drink and she went off the deep end.

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However, after she completed the cleanse she discovered that her cravings for sweets and wine were TOTALLY GONE. Now, that does not mean she does not still enjoy indulging from time to time, but she can say no without any issues whatsoever, AND, one bite does not lead down the road of destruction.  This means that SHE IS IN CONTROL 100%, and that makes all the difference in establishing a healthy lifestyle around nutrition and following these alternative health strategies.

If however you find that your cravings are still bothering you, here are a few more powerful alternative health strategies: 

Word Association:  When you find your self having a craving for something that may not be so healthy for you, begin substituting the word "poison" for that food whenever you see or smell that particular food. You may even want to visualize poison in your mind to reinforce the concept. This will reframe your previous programming around the craving and create a new reference to support you not eating that food.  It is a simple fact that when we believe something is not good for us then we avoid it like the plague.  Your job is to Re-Program Yourself so that you are leading yourself down a road of health and true body-love.

Product Support:  Consider adding Purium's Control Pre-Meal Caps which are outstanding for taking the edge off hunger and cravings by balancing blood sugar and making you feel fuller, one of the excellent all-natural alternative health strategies to assisting your control around certain foods.  

Hormone & Food Sensitivity Testing:  If you feel like your cravings are beyond your control, then you may want to consider having your hormones tested, and/or having your body tested for specific food sensitivities. Having an imbalanced hormonal system and/or foods that you are allergic to can cause you to crave in ways that don't really make sense.  I totally get it, as I had these issues myself.  I felt like I was pretty much a weak and terrible person because I could not control my cravings.  DO NOT GO THERE!  Get your body tested and learn what may be the True Cause Of Your Cravings.

Pack Your Food:  Many times the issues around cravings happens because you are out somewhere with nothing to eat and in a moment of weakness you go for the double bacon cheese burger.  Packing your own food each day solves this problem.  When it comes to alternative health strategies, I ALWAYS have an apple and a Power Shake or L.O.V.E. smoothie with me when I leave the house.  WITHOUT FAIL... If time is an issue, make your food the night before and just grab your "go bag" on the way out the door.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change…right?  So, take the initiative to prep your foods and it will be of tremendous help in staying on track.  

Prep for the week:  One of my patients is a really busy woman, and time is hard to come by for food preparation daily.  She has solved this problem by taking a couple of hours on Sunday to cook and prepare nutritions foods that will last her the rest of the week.  She just puts the finished products in tupperware into the fridge and grabs what she needs each day…Brilliant!  

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The best alternative health strategy is cooking several chicken breasts, making a pot of soup, lightly steaming broccoli or mixed vegetables, and baking a few sweet potatoes Sunday afternoon to give me everything I need to get through the week.  For me, if it is not easy and readily available I will go for something that is... like chips, cookies, crackers, or whatever else I can get my hands on quickly.  Yep, I admit it, I am L-A-Z-Y!  But that WILL  NOT stop me from loving my body and incorporating alternative health strategies so that I am making healthy choices around food.

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Weight Loss:

If you have not yet reached your desired weight, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!  Remember, you have also been building muscle during your cleanse. Adding muscle means adding weight, so while the scale number may not reflect what your initial goal was for the 10-day transformation, it is really fat loss that we want to focus on more than what the scale is saying.  

On-Going Cleanse Option:  You may have entered the cleanse needing to lose more than the typical 5 to 20 lbs of fat.  If that's true for you and you wish to continue your weight loss then by far the best option is to move to the Day 5 recommendation of one day on, one day off cleansing protocol. This will continue the weight loss you have been experiencing these past 10 days and continue reprogramming your metabolism if cravings are still an issue.

There is an option of getting coaching through this if you need it.  Please reach out to me so I can help.

Exercise:  I also recommend adding moderate exercise into your life.  Likely, you fall into 1 of 2 catergories when it comes to exercise:

1.  You LOVE it, are ADDICTED to it, and CANNOT give it up

2.  You hate it, can't get motivated, and don't "have the time"

If you are in category 1, then it has been a huge challenge, I am sure, to have reduced your exercise to a 20 minute brisk walk each day.  If you have not reduced your exercise (many women don't when they are addicted),  then you may have found yourself incredibly hungry and fatigued for the past 9 days.  The people I test who do not reduce their exercise actually break their muscle down, as the body consumes it for energy.  Continuing the Master Aminos will help you preserve your muscle, and if you push hard, I recommend increasing your dosage to 6-8 tabs, rather than 5 per serving.  

Hopefully, you have listened to your body, and given it the chance to actually "cleanse" by not pushing it too hard during your 10-Day Transformation Program.  If so, you will be real happy to re-engage in your exercise routine.  I still say, listen to your body.  It may take a few days until you are back rockin' it at 100%.

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If you are in category 2, you have LOVED not having to exercise during the last 9 days.  Now is the time to begin re-programming your mind around exercise.  You and I both know exercise is vital to a healthy, strong body and mind.  And, we both know that is exactly what you want.  So go ahead and do what it takes to keep stepping in that direction.

Hopefully you have already begun!  If you have been taking your 20 minute brisk walk each day, you are well on your way.  Now you can increase your time by 5-10 minutes, and increase your intensity.  Before you know it you will be moving better than ever before.  Check out this page for clarification on how to stimulate more fat-burning hormones during your exercise routine. It is simple, yet powerful information:

Enhance Fat-Burning During Exercise

**Obviously I am assuming here, as an alternative health strategy, you are cleared to exercise

by your doctor and have no medical issues in that regard.

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What To Eat?

This is pretty simple at the bottom line: eat as close to nature as possible. This is one of the other powerful alternative health strategies!  When returning to "normal" foods its pretty clear that what used to be normal in your world is now going to shift, but we also want to keep it real.  Some options for your consideration Ladies:

Whole Foods: This means eating what comes from nature without any modifications.  Fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, lean meats and so forth, should make up the bulk of your foods consumed. I also highly recommend that any whole foods you consume be organic, grass-fed, hormone-free, and non-GMO.

Purium Products: The products you have been consuming during your transformation are whole foods, from nature, in super dense nutrient arrays that will support you tremendously in keeping your vitamin, mineral and micro-nutrient intake at a level that will truly support your lifetime nutrition needs. Our favorite one-stop Purium product is the L.O.V.E. Meal Replacement which we use to either augment or replace our foods, especially convenient when time is an issue…just mix and go! 

Eat, Drink & Be Merry:  Remember, I am NOT saying you can never enjoy that sweet, treat or cheeseburger…what I am saying is that those food choices should be exceptions anchored in moderation. The more your clean out your system, the less your body will want those foods in general.  Food is just too much fun not to enjoy!  The trick is using the momentum you have created here to put YOU in control of your food choices, not the other way around!  

Ok Ladies, that's it for Day 9 of your Transformation and learning alternative health strategies. Tonight or first thing tomorrow, review the FINAL Day 10 information and as always, if you have any questions reach out to us directly or get hold of Purium's Naturopath Dr. Mike to help you with any specific issues or concerns you may be having during your process.

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