~ Allowing Your Greatness ~ 

Now is the time...

to take a deep breath…

Take a moment to ask yourself how committed are you?  

What are you willing to do for yourself so that things really do change, so that you can truly feel Ignited and allow your greatness to shine through?

Are you willing to follow through with the life-work and exercises that I will be sharing with you?  

And can you allow that commitment come from a softer place? 

A more feminine place?  

A yummier place?

Can you allow your commitment to FILL UP your pelvic bowl in such a way that

whatever spills over isn't because you can't contain it, rather

the spill over is your LIGHT pouring out of you?

Breathe all the way into your pelvis, Allow Your Greatness...


Fill Up!  

And Soften...

Feel Your Connection to EVERYTHING and Allow Yourself to Receive even More. 

This is the Beauty of the Feminine!

In your very making you are a receiver, allow it to be so.  All the while, holding your container so solidly, that you understand what feeds and nourishes you - and allow only that in.  

Stay attuned to the fact that you are guiding yourself into a more nourished and balanced way of being in the world, and feel great about that!

Any problem you perceive yourself as having is nothing more than a realization that you are depleted and disconnected.  

The depletion makes you tired, and the disconnection leads to feeling alone.  

That is when you may find yourself doing things that DO NOT nourish you, but rather stuff your painful feelings of aloneness,or whatever your story is for you.  Some stuff it with food, others with over-exercising, smoking, or any number of unhealthy habits.  

So how do you shift it?

Breathe...   Draw it in...   YOU...    Fill Yourself Up.

If you want something to change, you must change.  

You Must Decide for Y-O-U.  

You must choose to be willing to fill yourself up,

AND  to allow yourself to be filled up.




Feel Your Feminine!


Breathe It In...

And recognize that  you are the one taking the breath...

Yet, there is no effort.  

If you stop breathing consciously, life takes over. 

  You will receive your next breath.  

Survival is happening on your behalf! 

Let go of your need to "survive".

Allow yourself to relax into Presence.  

Be Still.

Quiet.        Understood.       Understand.

You have everything you need.

Allow yourself to have it.

Allow Your Greatness.

Maybe you don't know what that is yet, which is way o.k.  

Just be in the place of allowing it to be revealed.  What if you could pretend, as if you were 6 years old again?  Look around for it.  Feel the Joy of figuring it out; of learning who you are right now, in this place.  You are much, much different that the you that was yesterday.    Allow yourself to see it.  Take off your rose colored glasses and see things from a new prospective.  Let Go. Return.  Allow.  

For starters, begin taking 5 minutes each day to be with yourself and FEEL.

Feel into whatever it is that you are experiencing at that very moment.  You may want to take a 5 minute walk, deep breathe, sit in silence, listen to a meditation audio, move with some good music, or anything that allows you to let go and be ~ Be in joy, Be in Freedom, Just Be.

5 minutes, that is all. 

Allow yourself the freedom to have 5 tiny minutes for Y-O-U.

Exercise of Allowing...

There is a beautiful Exercise of Allowing that you can do during your 5-Minutes-for-Me Session:

If you are feeling resistance in some area of your life, you are likely holding resistance in some part of your body.  This is how we process our environment. 

So, that means that you are in control to choose to hold onto the resistance or to let it go.

This physical exercise is a way to move any stagnation and/or resistance that you are holding onto energetically.  Remember, all thoughts are energy set into motion.  You decide what kind of motion (or e-motion) you are choosing to experience right now, as it is ALL about Right Now anyway.

As you close your eyes, feel into the part of your body (or space) that is holding resistance.  

Once you identify it, bring your hand or hands to the area and begin whirling the air around in that area.  Keep whirling the space around your body, or even on your body, until you feel something that releases within you. 

It may be your breath, you may feel a since of lightness that comes in that place, or maybe a tingling sensation, or anything else you may feel.

When you notice yourself take a deep breath, sigh or yawn, that means that you have released what was needed in that moment. 

 Sit for the remainder of your 5 minutes if you are doing your 5-Minutes-For-Me Session.  You may find another area that is opening for release, or you may just enjoy the stillness that you have brought in.

You can see how this is done here.

The are of Allowing Your Greatness is a Practice.  Enjoy your practice!