I'm Dr. Brandy McCans...

Who Am I?

I am a woman Who Knows what it is is like to be Fat, Sick and Tired,...

and what it's like to recover.

I also know what it is like to have doctors tell you that you will take drugs the rest of your life, and "get used to it", because your issues will never change.  

Yep, you got it, I also know what it is like to prove them wrong, to live a life free of drugs and beat the odds beyond measure.

Who Am I?

I am a daughter, a sister, a community lover and a leader in the wellness industry who has a deep passion for helping women find that place deep inside themselves that holds the key to their very own healing.  

You have it within you, just as I do. 

This passion I have stems from my own experience of having to find my own way or die.  It was certainly going to be one, or the other.  As a teen I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Manic Depression and had to be medicated.  At the time, the drugs were absolutely necessary for me to maintain my life.

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You've got it...

my life was on the line a number of times and it is quite a miracle that I am here today to share my journey with you.

The Bulimia, Panic Attacks, OCD with food, being frequently sick and having pain in my body laid the foundation for my body to become obese, growing to 12 sizes bigger than I am today.  It was not an easy ride, I must say.   

To have your trusted doctors tell you it will never change was pretty defeating as well. 

Do you know that feeling?

Yeah, I get it.

  • Are you feeling like there may be no way out?
  • Have you felt concerned that no one will figure out what is wrong with you because your tests come back negative?
  • Have you tried everything "natural" but nothing seems to work? 

I get it, and Please Don't Give Up!

I frequently get reminded by my own coach that I am "always 3 feet from gold".

Let me tell you my friend, the gold is in your hands! 

All you need now is to understand the underlying cause of your dysfunction and learn what is right for you, physically, energetically, nutritionally.

And THAT is exactly what I do!

Who Am I?

I am an Ecstatic Wellness Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Intuitive Healer.

My healing journey has taken me through all sorts of modalities, therapies, programs and nutritional protocols.  It has led me down a path of over 20 years of nutritional study and understanding organ system dysfunction and hormonal imbalances.  It has taken me through 15 years of the study of yoga, breath work and the energetic bodyIt has led me through Chiropractic College and to some of the most incredible teachers, guides and healers who have helped me harness my own power and recognize my true nature as an Intuitive Healer.   

And now I can share these tools with you!

I have evidence-based scientific lab work to understand your physiology,  I own my intuitive healing power to help you see what is blocking you from an energetic/emotional perspective, and with an understanding of how your body heals, I have the tools to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  There is more to you than meets the eye, and it is all begging to be seen and met.

Through Functional Blood Chemistry, Hair, Saliva, and Urine Analysis we can discover nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, organ and gland disfunction, and hormone imbalances.  This is the science that makes my work clear and defined.  It lays the ground work for Nutritional Therapy, detoxifying your body, and overcoming physical obstacles.

And since all problems aren't necessarily linked back to nutritional imbalances or are physical in nature, 

my Intuitive Healing Practice comes in handy in accessing the underlying energetic and emotional imbalances, patterns and programs that may be causing you to repeat unhealthy patterns.  

How Do You Get Started?

It's Easy!

It doesn't matter where you live, as I work with my patients virtually, so that makes it easy for you to get started on your path to Feeling Fabuous!

You get to choose...

You Have 3 Options:

1.  If you'd like to test the waters and check out my program without a huge commitment, the Rock Your Body Single-Session Strategy Plan is right for you.

2.  Or, if you feel like you need a little more hand holding, accountability and guidance you may go for the Pretty Sexy You Gold Program

3.  And, if you just want to re-set your metabolism in as little as 10 days and do the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Program on your own, you can choose that too.

And maybe you have a few questions that need answered or have some concerns. Perfect!  Fill out the form below and I will get back to you for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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