~ Stevia Extract ~

You really don't know what you are getting when you purchase stevia, as many are processed using toxic chemicals that essential get into your family's bodies...  Why even chance it?  Especially when you can have a lot of fun making your own!  It is incredibly simple and you will be so proud... 


1 cup organic stevia leaves

organic vodka

(creates a sweeter extract than water)

*Can you believe that is it??

I have to say it is the strangest thing to go to the apothecary to pick up my dried stevia leaves then make a pit stop at the liquor store (UUgh!!)... Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!


If you have fresh leaves, wash and dry your leaves, then set them in the sun or a dehydrator to dry out. You want the leaves to be crispy. I personally buy them already dried, just make sure they are organic.

Next, chop the dried leafs into small pieces, but do not grind into powder or you will have leaf in your finished product.  

Place chopped stevia leaves in a glass jar and pour vodka over them to coat. Shake well and let sit in a pantry for 24-48 hours. I hear that if you leave it longer that 36 hours your extract will be bitter, however, I left mine 48 hours last time and it seems to be much sweeter!