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Rock Your Body Wellness , Issue #001 - The Healthiest Way to Enjoy Fall
September 30, 2014
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~ Balancing YOU This Fall ~

Have you ever noticed that once the kids go back to school and the equinox passes that you find yourself letting a few things go after the summer frenzy?

I mean, why not let your hair down and take a breather from the kids day-to-day activities or the frenzy of summer that happens as the air gets warmer?

I believe many of us have that experience, as we try to recoup our energy, breathe in a little fresh air and relax into the season of fall.

However, many of us realize a little too late that the holidays are upon us and off to the races we go with parties, gifts, family and fun...

The problem is that for many of us, it is not quite as fun as we would like it to be. Know what I mean?

I know many of us are riding that roller coaster:

Summer Frenzy -> Apathetic Backlash in Fall -> Another Frenzied Holiday Season.

Would You Like A Solution?

I don't want to burst your bubble, as fall is still a time to bring in realization and quite moments. I am simply inviting you to begin incorporating a few things during the fall season that will have you cruising into the holidays with vim, vigor and vitality.

Add Just A Little Structure...

Fall is a great time to begin adding a little structure to your life. Likely you have a little free time to begin doing things that keep you in a healthy state of mind and body.

Some of these things include quick exercise routines, meal planning for healthier meals and better family connection, and making time for your own quiet time so that you can be more present for those that you love.

If you'd like more details on how to do this, listen to last week's Women's Wellness & Balanced Hormones call:

Women's Wellness & Balanced Hormones Call 9/22/14 Join in on these FREE Calls Each Week to connect in! Calls held every Monday at 12pm PST/1pm MT/2pm CST/3pm EST


PIN: 549-789-268

Join our Facebook Group by clicking the link below:

Women's Wellness & Balanced Hormones Facebook Group

You can also join in every Wednesday on this call:

Breathe, Meditate, Heal Weekly Conference Call

This call is for those who desire to learn how to enjoy taking great care of themselves, heal their own bodies, help others heal and be more present in their lives.

This call is every Wednesday at the same time, number and pin as above. Put it in your phone and calendar and enjoy!

We have another Facebook Group for these ladies:

Breathe, Meditate, Heal Facebook Group

Recipe of the Week:

Ready to enjoy broccoli again? Here is a fabulous treat that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds! Gluten-Free and low glycemic.

Broccoli Bites


2 cups finely chopped broccoli florets

1 cup chopped mushrooms

3 tbsp. Daiya Mozzarella Dairy-Free Cheese

2 tbsp. Coconut flour

3 eggs

2-3 tbsp. egg whites

pinch of salt and pepper

1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

Combine all ingredients, except egg whites in a bowl and blend well. Use the egg whites of you need your mix to be a little wetter. It should have the consistency of a sticky batter.

Line a baking sheet with wax paper (I use it instead of aluminum to avoid the heavy metal getting into the food).

Place 1 large tbsp. of broccoli batter on baking sheet for each Broccoli Bite.

Bake 20 minutes on one side, then flip and cook 10 minutes more until golden brown and crispy.

top with a little Daiya just before serving. You may want to top it before puling it out of the oven so that the cheese has time to melt. It is a lot better that way!


Hats Off to Your Health!

I am sure that you have been working on incorporating healthier lifestyle habits or you wouldn't be reading this. Congrats to you!

I invite you to look around and take note of all the amazing changes and progress you have made since the beginning of the year. You should be really proud of yourself. : )

Take that energy with you throughout this next week and be inspired! You will find that more people relate to you in better ways and your positive vibration will help others see the best in themselves too.

Enjoy your journey & Live Vibrantly ~

Dr. Brandy McCans

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