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Oh My Goodness, I’m Falling Apart…
November 10, 2015
Here's To Your Health ~ Dr. Brandy McCans

I Am Disintegrating and I am not sure where the ground is…

Are Feelin’ Me?

I suspect so, since many of you have expressed to me over the years that you feel like you "are disintegrating"...

Maybe you didn't use those exact words, but you get it, right? Yeah, me too. Thanks for understanding me!

And, THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me my authenticity and for being there for me as I process through my own transformation. It means a lot to me.

I hope you feel this hug I am sending your way right now. xo

*Before I get going, I apologize up front for the lengthy letter here, but there is so much going on for me right now, and thank you for allowing me to share it with you. And, if you get bored, just go to the bottom and find the gift I have for you.


As many of you know, I just landed in Costa Rica for a 3-month stay. And for those of you who have been following me for some time you also know that I am a Professional House Sitter and travel all over taking care of people’s homes and pets. It was a decision Rodger (my boyfriend… I just love using that word) and I came to 3 years ago as I approached a previous transformation in my life.

It has been an interesting process and incredibly fun as we have moved along our journey together as a consciously homeless couple. Our book has been full the whole time and we are booked out into next year with house sitting jobs! I have to say it has been awesome to be able to explore different areas and take in the cultures that each area has revealed to us as we have journeyed together.

You Get What You Ask For...

That happens to me too… quite rapidly in my life. You could say, I don’t mess around when it comes to manifesting!

I asked for a complete immersion into the Costa Rican culture; to be able to really understand their way of living and to be close to the earth. I got it. Yep, and when I say Culture Shock is real, it is.

Now this is only my second time to leave the country, and the first was to Europe where I lived the tourist life. This, my friend, is nowhere near touristy. There is absolutely nothing here that resembles home for me and it has been so very challenging.

No one here speaks English, there are no yoga classes to drop into, no green teas worth speaking of (you know that is my fav!), and absolutely nothing that I can “attach” to that feels comforting, AT ALL.

We are living in the jungle, at the top of a mountain 3 1/2 hours away from anything that may offer me reprieve. You’ve got it… big bugs, humidity floating in the air, and poisonous toads that look so darn cute!

There Are Beautiful Things Here Too…

The flowers are GORGEOUS, the view from our cabin is spectacular EVERY morning, the butterflies are bigger than our hands and fly through our house practically everyday. The sounds of the jungle are breathtaking and the daily storms sooth my soul. That is as I settle in…

I can’t say I was soothed by anything for the first few days! As a matter of fact I wondered how I was going to make it 3 months, nor how I was going to survive. My adrenals have been working over time here, just the place I thought I would be able to relax. Interesting…

I even had a flub with my website which sent out last year’s newsletter last week!! ARGH! I am so sorry! I must have some setting somewhere that caused this to happen, so I apologize for that, especially to those of you who have seen it before!!

I also know that you are waiting patiently for my next video to be produced so that you can jump into the next step of your own evolution. It is coming, I promise! You will soon have it in your little hands and I graciously bow to your patience.

I Hope It Has Been Good For You...

I hope that what I have offered you thus far has given you a few things to work on so that by the time the next video comes out you will have those other strategies well into play in your life. I’d love to know how it is going for you thus far! If you haven’t seen the videos yet, click on the link below to access my You Tube Channel and enjoy the short videos! Please respond below each video with your comments and thoughts. Thanks!

Quick Tips for Living The Lifestyle and Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight

Disintegration... and The Cycle of Life

During the 20-30 minute hike down the 45-60 degree incline of a hill to get to the village below (nope, no car here…) I pass by this incredibly HUGE leaf that has fallen into the wet spring grass. Each day I notice it’s deterioration, and that everyday it takes another step toward transmuting into mulch that will serve as nourishment to the roots of the trees from which it fell. Such a beautiful process to watch! This place is so alive.

And you know me, I absolutely love the way Spirit speaks to us! The whispers are all around, all the time, and I find it especially easy to hear those precious and potent messages in nature.

This leaf has been beckoning me to listen, and listen deeply.

It tells me that everything is a reflection of myself, and that the disintegration I am witnessing in this leaf is an echo of the disintegration within myself, and the transformation into something useful, into more fertile soil, is happening within me as well. And that the timing is absolutely Divine and is the perfect metamorphosis for what’s to come, so that I have what is being called in as needed in the world and can share it more fully as others, like yourself, traverse their own renewal process. In this knowledge is where I find my peace and gratitude.

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

So, as of today, as I continue my own practice of Grounding, Creating Sacred Space, Clearing my Field, and drop into a more profound personal practice, I am finding my way into a more peaceful and grounded way of being. I am letting go of SO MUCH, and letting go of my attachments to things outside of myself that I never realized I was using as crutches, somewhat tricking myself into thinking that my joy and safety come from “out there”. That my inspiration comes from another teacher, rather than accessing it from within myself, where my real juice flows.

How was I to know if I had not ever stepped out of that bubble I call “home”?

~ A Gift From My Heart ~

Even here, I am working with my patients who extend all over the USA and Canada. It brings me so much joy!

It is amazing to bear witness to what has come of my practice and the way I now help others recognize their own greatness and optimum health since beginning this journey. My reach is much wider now and my tool box is much bigger, as I have learn so many thing along the way that I would have missed otherwise. I am truly grateful for my journey, the dissolution of myself as I know it, your loving kindness, and the continued Grace that flows through my life.

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Some Pictures From My Adventure!

Lastly, I have created a slide show for you so that you can see where I am and what it is like here. Enjoy and Much Love to YOU!

My Costa Rican Adventure

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