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Ready for a FABULOUS 2016!
February 07, 2016
Here's To Your Health ~ Dr. Brandy McCans

Hats Off To You!

Hello Beautiful Lady ~ Happy New Year ~ Can you believe, it is 2-0-1-6?

And here we are into February of 2016…

How is it going for you? I mean, really…?

Did you set any intentions for this new year?

I hope you are realizing them as we speak!

It is so incredible to be surrounded by you, as women who are living intentional lives and being your most empowered you. This is what lifts us up!

I hold your hand, you hold another woman’s hand and she holds another, and it just keeps going. And, when you feel like you may be the weak link in the chain you can always know that you are held too.

We are absolutely powerful together!

Hats off to you if you are living intentionally and sharing your gifts so brilliantly in our world.

the Gift of My Grandmother

It’s really funny how easy it is to “assume” that all my ladies are naturally forward thinking and intentionally creating in their lives…

What I also know is that our minds are so powerful. And, if we intend for change to happen we must be willing to choose to step into it.

We have a choice in in what we think and what we create.

As I sit here with my blessed grandmother and watch her decline, she is teaching me so many things:

She is teaching me that I have a choice: I can choose to stay active and do my best to be healthy, or I can choose to sit on my rocker, eat unlimited carbs, and talk about how getting old sucks (as well as everything else in life since how we do anything is how we do everything).

Either life sucks, or it doesn’t. It’s a choice.

Taking Action...

I have absolutely no doubt that getting older is challenging. In my forties I often find myself surprised that I now have to stretch before AND after I exercise otherwise I get really sore and my hips get out of alignment.

I have chosen to NOT stretch and very quickly (which is much quicker than ever) find pain in my left hamstring area and my range of motion becomes incredibly limited.

And, I am seeing that this progression has the propensity to become greater and faster as I age. Even more reason to keep It Movin'!

There is no way I can ever know what my grandmother is feeling as she ages, but what I do know is that every time she tells me how she doesn’t want to change she is digging herself into her grave.

Every day she chooses to sit in her chair, her movement only inspired by the next trip to the kitchen, and experience life through her television hours upon hours every day, she is limiting herself into a more immobile and painful body and spins herself into a fear-based experience of life.

Who would choose that life consciously? Not me, and I am pretty sure NOT YOU either!

What are you doing to ensure that you stay mobile in your body and mind, and allow yourself to live life with a sense of true joy?

Join Our Community!

Doesn't it feel fabulous to sit around with your girlfriends and chat about life? My gratitude wraps around the globe for my girlfriends! They ground me, help me see my truth and hold me accountable to stepping more fully into my power. What a gift! Thank you Ladies!! The BIGGEST HUGS EVER to YOU!!!

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Love, Dr. Brandy McCans

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