The Gluten Free Myth
Part 2

The Gluten Free Myth:

The gluten free myth may be real...

Here is the problem:  There is more than gluten in your processed grains!

There are numerous heavy metals ~ yes, some occur naturally, however they tend to be higher when grown on farms that use municipal sludge to amend their soils which appears to be common practice.

There are additives and preservatives: one study found that 545 foods with the "whole grain" stamp contained more sugar and calories than foods without the stamp.2  

The type of grains consumed matter: most Americans are eating highly-processed modern grains, which have been stripped of their fiber and bran which help your body digest the grain.  When this has been stripped there is little left to help catalyze the digestion process.

Most modern grains are genetically modified and stripped of their nutrients (See Gluten Is Evil ~ Part 1) which is WAY different than what people ate 100s of years ago.  

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Crux of the Gluten-Free Myth:

People were not sick from grains back then, so why now?

yet everyone has jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon, not the modern grain wagon, or the sugar wagon, or the additive wagon, or the preservative wagon...

Yes, many people have benefited by removing gluten from there diets, and I invite you to consider that it could be that they have removed more than just gluten from their diet.

Find Out the Difference Between Primary & Secondary Gluten Intolerance

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As it is, there are still many people who have eliminated gluten, but are still having digestive and other physical issues.  

I have also seen my patients who go gluten free, and resolve there organ system imbalances, are able to eat Kamut and Spelt ~ these both have gluten.

Is the Gluten-Free Myth Real?

Ancient grains vs. Modern grains:

According to Wheat Belly author Dr. William Davis, 

“This thing being sold to us called wheat—it ain’t wheat. It’s this stocky little high-yield plant, a distant relative of the wheat our mothers used to bake muffins, genetically and biochemically light-years removed from the wheat of just 40 years ago.”

Grains have been a staple of our diet for 10,000 years.  Why is it that not until NOW people are becoming sick from eating it?  

Weston Price foundation has written a great article on how wheat is processed and why many people believe in the gluten-free myth.

Believing in the gluten-free myth has caused many people to move away from even ancient grains, they have actually moved toward more processed foods:

Gluten-Free Proccessed Foods.  

These foods are essentially junk. Your body does not know how to process it, yet, it is gluten-free... it must be healthy , right?

Not At All.

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Another thing to consider ~ Hormones could be the problem:

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"Sounds strange, but farmers apply hormone-like substances or “plant growth regulators” that affect wheat characteristics, such as time of germination and strength of the stalk. These hormones are either “natural,” that is, extracted from other plants, or synthetic. Cycocel is a synthetic hormone that is commonly applied to wheat." ~ Weston Price Foundation

Don't kid yourself by trying to convince yourself that these hormones are not effecting your own hormonal system or body.  You truly are what you eat. The Gluten Free Myth is Real!

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