Rock-Your-Body Wellness

Body Wellness...

The Single-Session Strategy Plan...

Feel like You Have a Good Idea of How to Achieve Rock-Your-Body Wellness

but Would Like a Little Fine-Tuning? 

This Plan is for YOU!

Want to learn which organs & glands need support and

How to Feed Them for More Energy and Vitality?

This Plan is for YOU!

Need a Little Motivation but Don't Need a Full Month of Coaching?

The Rock Your Body Wellness Plan Is For You!

This is the full-throttle, Give-It-To-Me-Now Action Plan that will clear your path to Feeling Fabulous.

You will learn a lot about your own body wellness, it's signals, needs, and how to nourish yourself even in the midst of the insanity of daily living.  There really is an easier way!

And all-the-while, Shifting Your Crazy, Hectic Life

to a Crazy, Sexy Life! 

The Rock-Your-Body Wellness Single Session Strategy Plan is

where you get everything you need to

take off to Feeling Fabulous! 

It is also a place where you and I get to test the waters to see if we are a perfect fit before you go all out and pay for another expensive program that you may never finish.

Life is messy...

but there is "Overwhelmed, Burned-Out Messy", and

then there is

"Crazy Sexy Messy"!

(Rememberit hasn't always been crazy sexy for me either!)

Here's How We Will Spend Our Strategy-Time Together:

1. Health Intake: Prior to our strategy session you will fill out a complete health history questionnaire, get clear on your goals for our time together, and send over any lab tests you want me to know about. 

2.  Grow Session: This is the time you get to lay it all down; tell me the truth about what is really going on ~ how you feel, inside and out, how your life is impacted daily, and what your vision is for feeling fabulous.  With your vision we can create a defined path.

3.  Flow Session: This is the time we put it all together. I will help you understand what is blocking you, nutritionally, mentally and emotionally, and what steps you can take to get yourself beyond the interference. Your Action Flow Steps are created based on where you are now, where you want to be, and together we create them so that you are going with your flow, rather than against it.

4.  Strategic Plan: After our call you will receive your Personalized Strategic Plan! 


  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Specific Supplementation Plan
  • Easy Exercise Plan
  • Essential Fun Plan
  • Loving Self-Care Plan 
  • Emotional Clearing Exercise Plan
  • Your Steps to Create a Crazy Sexy Life!

5.BONUS!  Rock-Your-Body Wellness Check In Call: This 20-minute call will come after you begin to implement your new Strategic Plan so that you can clear out any blocks, get any questions answered, and ensure that your Personalized Strategic Plan is working!

You Will Also Receive:

  • Daily Menu Plan Template
  • Recipes to Support the Daily Menu Template
  • A Personalized Strategic Plan Shopping List 
  • A Yummy, Healthy Foods Substitution List ~ Learn to replace your junk foods for healthier versions that taste good!
  • Emotional, Energetic, or Space Clearing Exercises to help you Release Blocks and Create Anew
  • Email access to me so that you are supported every step of your journey

This Single Session Strategy Plan is For You If You:

  • Can't yet afford a full session, or aren't quite ready to commit to the full program
  • Have indigestion, IBS, or other GI complaint and want to find out how to treat it naturally
  • Want to eat different foods but can't seem to make the change
  • Have a lot of questions, and want a holistic doctor's advice ~ who's been there!
  • Have no time to cook a lot of meals so you end up eating out and choosing the wrong things
  • Have no desire to cook and need the skills to make wiser choices in your life
  • Want to focus on one specific issue that challenges you and want to bust through it quickly

You will need about 2 - 2 1/2 hours for this intensive with me...

We go until we get the job done!

You are probably wondering how much this Rock-Your-Body Wellness Single-Session Strategy Plan is...

It is only  $397! ($700 value)

Considering I charge $125 for 30-minute sessions...

and during your Single-Session Strategy Plan you and I will spend 2 -2 1/2 hours together... 

PLUS you get a boo-coo of tools that YOU CAN USE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

That means that you are getting a LOT of Value for very little cash.  

This packaged is actually priceless...

The real decision you need to make is "Are You Worth It?"